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What You Didn’t Know About Outdoor Lighting

Whether you’re a gardener working overtime, the host of a house party, or a business looking for a friendly evening facade, there’s an outdoor lighting solution to add beauty and utility to your space. If you’re considering adding lighting to your yard, you’ll want to know these facts and tips that not every landscaper puts in the spotlight.

Outdoor Lighting Adds Peace of Mind

The right amount of light in the right place can enhance your home or business’s accessibility and security. Path lights, for example, are a commonly-used tool to guide your visitors in the evening hours and illuminate accent pieces or plants along the way. They often operate on motion detectors or timers and turn themselves on and off automatically, deterring would-be thieves who thrive in dark spaces.

Today’s technology also allows you to tie outdoor lights to your smart home or security system, and you can manage them from anywhere using your phone or another connected device. Even if you have an older property or don’t want to invest in a smart home system, you can still purchase bulbs that connect to a typical internet network and give you many of the same lighting control features.

Outdoor Lighting Can Fit Any Yard

Outdoor lights are a highly customizable enhancement and can accommodate even the trickiest yards. You may choose to use specialized fixtures for outdoor kitchens, decks, or pools, with subtle accents to highlight your star plants, furniture, or artwork. To illuminate your sidewalks, you can choose from various “lamp on a post” styles or embed lighting below the pathways. Landscape designers work with everything from string lights to floodlights, meaning the possibilities are truly endless.

Think About the Light, Not Just the Fixtures

While the design of light fixtures matters, the light itself is equally important. Our designers have the following tips in mind:

  • Don’t use too much light – Light shouldn’t overshadow other features in your yard. Spaces such as decks, dining areas, wet bars, pools, and lounges may demand additional light for utility’s sake. However, less-trafficked areas of your yard do not need the same amount of light to look appealing in the evening hours.
  • Consider the light’s temperature – Outdoor lighting comes in a spectrum of shades. The latest LED bulbs can produce warmer colors that rival the incandescent lights of yore and foster a cordial space. Too much cold light, on the other hand, can make a yard feel industrial and impersonal.
  • Consider indirect light – Light doesn’t always have to shine directly on your yard’s features to make a difference. You can use subtle fixtures and shine light in the “negative space” between them for a natural, uniquely striking effect.

Outdoor Lighting Is Specially Rated

The fixtures and bulbs landscapers use must display resiliency to water, wind, and corrosion. Manufacturers may make them using unique materials that are less prone to rust, and they may apply waterproof coatings that repel pouring rain. Outdoor temperature can also impact electrical performance, and we use systems that can take the cold of an Illinois winter.

Outdoor Lighting Can Be Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient LED lighting performs competitively, has a longer lifespan from bulb to bulb, and saves you money. Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t always include the most efficient bulbs with new fixtures. When you install outdoor lighting, have a supply of fresh LED bulbs on hand with the proper wattage for your system.

Many of the security features and design elements of outdoor fixtures also contribute to efficiency. If your system operates on a timer or daylight sensor, you won’t have to worry about leaving it on for longer than you need it. Some installations may also have dimming features that minimize energy use while promoting a calm, formal mood.

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