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Des Plaines Landscaping Specialists

beautiful lawnYou live in a comfortable home in Des Plaines, and you enjoy showing off the beautifully decorated interior, but not the outside areas. Or you own a business where the outdoor space doesn’t match up with the great products or services you provide to your customers. You have decided to do something to change that.

After all, one of the first things visitors see when they visit your home or business is the landscaping. How is the overall curb appeal? Is it attractive to the eye? If not, why not? Look closely at all of the features that define your outdoor area. That includes the lawn, trees, shrubs, plants, walkways, and other decorative features. The front, side, and back of the property are all part of the picture.

If you’re ready for a change, call the Des Plaines landscaping experts at Daybreaker Landscapes. We’ll listen to your needs, make suggestions as needed, and provide a free quote to help you get your project going. Contact us today at (815) 596-0070.

Deciding to Get Landscaping Help

Which of the following scenarios describes your situation?

  • Your landscaping is attractive, but you don’t have the time to maintain it.
  • One section of your outdoor space needs some sprucing up. Maybe the sidewalk is crumbling, or the trees are not well-spaced.
  • You want to enhance what is already out there, or a complete redo is your goal.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with some changes, consider what is involved.  Are you up to designing a layout that complements your home or business?  Do you have the time and know-how to install the lawn, plants, and hard features you are dreaming of? How great would it be to have an experienced landscaping team working to make your property one of the gems of Des Plaines?

Why Choose Daybreaker Landscapes?

When you choose a landscaping company to improve your Des Plaines home or business property, pick one that has a winning track record. You don’t have to look any further than Daybreaker Landscapes Owner Jeff Rausch, a U.S. Air Force veteran, takes pride in giving careful attention to every detail of your land- or hardscaping job.

His expertise has been noticed in a big way. Jeff’s firm won the CASE Kickstart Landscape Business Award in 2019. Energy and perseverance are just two of the reasons why his company was given this important honor. Pair those characteristics with a focus on quality work and great customer service, and you have a landscaping dream team on your side.

beautiful homeCustomers can’t stop praising the Daybreaker Landscapes team. Satisfied clients have commented about the Daybreaker Landscapes crew’s attention to detail. For example, one happy customer mentioned being notified if a particular service would be postponed due to inclement weather. Another was overjoyed because the outdoor improvements Daybreaker Landscapes made for them increased their property’s value.

You can be one of those satisfied customers too. Call (815) 596-0070, or fill out the contact form to arrange a free consultation. You can also chat online with an experienced member of Jeff’s team. Once you have decided on the details of your improvement or maintenance project, you will receive a free quote.

Landscape, Hardscape, and Maintenance

Installing lawns and planting trees and shrubs are just a few of the many projects Daybreaker Landscapes handle on a regular basis. The staff offers a complete complement of landscaping and hardscaping services in Des Plaines and several nearby cities. The list includes jobs such as planning and installing drainage systems, outdoor lighting, walkways, and outdoor kitchens. This award-winning firm has the expertise to handle it all.

For those cold winter months in Des Plaines, snow removal may be a top priority for your home or business as well. Rest assured that Daybreaker Landscapes handles that too. Clients have access to everything from complete landscape and hardscape design and installation to maintenance for all of these features.

Here are some of the tasks involved in establishing and maintaining your outdoor property. How many of these tasks are you able to tackle on your own?

  • Lawn Installation: It’s important to know when your seeding or sod project can be started successfully. This depends on the weather in your area. In Des Plaines, mid to late August is the best month for soil preparation, planting seeds, and laying down sod. Maintenance is ongoing as needed: mowing, watering, feeding, and re-seeding or replacing damaged sod.
  • Planting Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs: You must choose the right time of year for planting each variety. Maintenance includes watering, feeding, weeding, fertilizing, and trimming, as needed.
  • Snow Removal: Getting rid of the snow that accumulates during the winter months around your Des Plaines home or business is important. Safety issues can arise because of the slippery surfaces around the property. Your options are using a snow shovel or snow blower or acquiring the services of a snow removal company to get the job done in a timely manner.
  • Hardscapes, Such as Walkways and Patios: Masonry and design skills are necessary to achieve these features. Grading the property is often needed before laying down the materials. Maintenance may include patching cracks, replacing flagstone, bricks, stone, and gravel, and redoing grout.
  • Drainage: Yard drains or catch basins are sometimes needed to redirect water from your property. One or a combination of drainage systems may be required. Regular maintenance checks are a good idea.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Safety, security, and beauty are three reasons for installing outdoor lighting for your home or business. A skilled electrician may be necessary to achieve the effect you want.
  • Outdoor Kitchens: Design, electrical, and plumbing work are essential to install and maintain an outdoor kitchen.

Contact Us

If you are ready to go forward with your landscape or hardscape project, Daybreaker Landscapes is ready to provide whatever outdoor improvements or maintenance services you need. Call (815) 596-0070, fill out the online contact form, or chat with one of our knowledgeable staff members online. They will gladly provide you with a free quote for projects ranging from lawn upkeep to planting shrubs to installing a safe walkway or outdoor kitchen.

Daybreaker Landscapes has been providing hardscape and landscape design, installation, and maintenance since 2010. Our many satisfied customers count on us to make the outdoor areas of their homes and businesses functional, attractive, safe, and secure. We are standing by to do the same for you.