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Lawn Grading or Regrading

The land surrounding your home should gently slope away from all structures, dropping approximately 2-3 inches per every ten feet. This serves to prevent flooding, water damage, and other side effects from having water stand or pool in unwanted areas. If you experience flooding, pooling, leaks or other water-related issues at your home, a grading or regrading project may be the solution you need. Daybreaker Landscaping is your one call for all your drainage projects in the Lake In the Hills and greater Chicagoland area, so please contact us for a free evaluation and estimate today.

What is Grading?

Grading is a landscaping process that specifies a particular slope (also known as a “grade”) on a property. The grade of a property will depend on the proximity to the foundation of your home and the other landscaping around it. For this reason, there is no “standard” grade provided for properties, rather each should be individually evaluated so that professional landscapers or engineers can assess the situation of your entire property and nearby areas. A properly graded landscaping will serve to keep water and runoff from doing damage to your property in multiple ways.

When homes are constructed, civil engineers and landscape architects should determine the proper grade for the land where the home sits. This provides for adequate drainage and prevents problems like leaks, pooling water, and long term foundation damage. The problem is that landscaping is an area that builders and project managers can skimp on without too much notice from the untrained eye. This can leave homeowners with improper conditions when they first move into a new property, and those conditions will only worsen as time goes by.

Finished grading should match the level of your home as well as your existing walkways, patios, driveways, and lawn. The slope will continue from there to optimize your drainage and protect your home. A properly graded lawn helps to make the outdoor portion of your home as enjoyable as the interior while keeping the interior of your home safe from water damage. If you think you might be in the market for grading or regarding, Daybreaker Landscapes can evaluate your situation and help you with all associated landscaping projects so that you can make the most of your space while protecting your home from costly water damage.

Why should you Grade Your Lawn?

A properly graded lawn will prevent standing and pooling water that can become serious issues. Standing water is not only an eyesore, but it attracts mosquitos and other bugs in the humid Chicagoland climate. This can make your relaxing yard a place to avoid. Pooling water also kills grass and other plants, and constantly replacing this vegetation can be frustrating and costly unless you solve the cause of the problem. Professionally grading your lawn can be a solution that helps with all of these things and more.

The most costly of the problems that standing water can cause is damage to your home. Standing water can result in cracking patios or driveways, and more seriously can leach into the foundation of your home and cause problematic cracks and other structural damage. At Daybreaker Landscaping, we have seen some severe standing water issues that have led to costly basement leaks. The worst news is that flood insurance does not always cause this type of damage, and the repair costs can be staggering.

A properly graded lawn can prevent these kinds of home disasters from ever beginning. The goal of grading is to map out where you want the water to go on your property so that when the late spring/early summer downpours arrive, the water travels away from your home without pooling in any one location. This will help mitigate bugs, prevent the loss of vegetation, and will help keep the water out of your house. At Daybreaker Landscapes, we are your Lake in the Hills grading and regrading experts and we can quickly assess your situation and provide you with a free estimate for your project.

When Do You Need to Regrade A Lawn?

Lawns need to be regarded when the slope of the land is – or becomes – ineffective at moving water away from your home and towards proper drainage receptacles.

Telltale signs of a grading problem include water that pools anywhere on your property. Sometimes, water may be accumulating in areas you cannot readily see due to high grass, bushes or other dense vegetation. If you experience a noticeable increase in mosquitoes or small flies on your property, you may need to inspect more closely to see if you have any standing water or otherwise swampy ground in less-noticeable areas. Dampness, mold, or small leaks inside your basement may also indicate that water is pooling in the wrong places and heading towards your home instead of away.

If you are making a home purchase, you should always ask your home inspector to pay special attention to your lawn to judge whether you may be in need of a regrade. The home inspection process is a great time to identify grading problems because you may be able to request that the sellers cover the cost of the project. Even if you have to incur some regrading costs, this is money well spent because this is the kind of maintenance project that can cost a significant amount to fix when things go wrong.

If you do not pay attention to the warning signs that indicate the need for a regrade, your losses can be extreme. In addition to the cost of fixing water damage inside your home, you will be at risk for losing keepsakes and other special possessions that cannot be easily replaced. Do not let yourself get stuck in this position by putting off a regrading project!

Even lawns that were once properly graded can suffer damage from the elements over time. Downpours, heavy snow that sticks around for a long time and even rain after droughts are all harsh conditions that can carry away topsoil. This can naturally alter the grading on your property, which requires occasional maintenance and correction. Let Daybreaker Landscapes help you with your grading needs in the greater McHenry County area.

How Much Does Grading or Regrading Cost?

Every landscaping project is as unique as the homeowner. For this reason, it is hard to estimate a grad or regrade unless we view the property so that we know exactly what type of space, vegetation and other elements need to be dealt with. At Daybreaker Landscaping, we are conscious of every person’s budget, so we will always present you with the most cost-effective solutions for your needs. We provide free consultations and estimates on every project and we always welcome the opportunity to adjust projects to meet your budget.

How Can Daybreaker Landscapes Help Me?

If your property shows symptoms of needing a grade or regrade, Daybreaker Landscapes can help. We conduct a complete evaluation of your existing drainage situation, then we craft a plan unique for your yard to correct and improve what you have. We will work with your schedule to complete the grading project that will optimize your property now and into the future so you can stay on top of necessary routine maintenance.

Most grading projects will allow you to keep your existing grass intact. This means that your grading or regrading project will only serve to improve your yard and to make it the place where you want to be in the warm weather months.

We work with individual homeowners, homeowner associations, commercial property owners and managers, construction firms and insurance firms alike. No matter the scale of your landscaping project, Daybreaker has the team to fit your needs and we will work with you to find the most economical solution to your problem.

Grading projects often require heavy equipment that can be costly to rent, difficult to maneuver and can cause major damage to your yard if used improperly. Grading and regarding should be always handled by professionals so that you get your project done right the first time. The money that you will save from future drainage issues, damage prevention and making more use of your yard is well worth the investment of professional landscaping. At Daybreaker Landscapes, we offer these professional landscape services as well as the ability to perform any other improvements to your yard at the same time.

More About Daybreaker Landscapes

Jeff Rausch, a United States Air Force veteran, founded Daybreaker Landscapes in 2010. We are proud to be a Veteran-Owned Business and member of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association. We are headquartered in Union, but Daybreaker Landscapes serves the Chicagoland communities of Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Barrington, Elgin, Lake in the Hills, Algonquin, and other surrounding communities.

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