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Dependable Slope Drainage Services from Daybreaker Landscapes

If you’re experiencing issues with draining excess rainwater or groundwater from your property, the Lake in the Hills drainage service professionals of Daybreaker Landscapes might be able to help. Poor slope drainage can lead to a buildup of excess water in anyone’s yard.

Areas prone to consistent heavy rainfall or flooding can destroy grass and garden beds. Soil erosion can turn a pristine property into one that looks damaged and poorly maintained. You spent time and money installing beautiful landscaping for you and your family to enjoy. It’s important that you take the necessary steps to prevent drainage problems from arising that can ruin the hard work you’ve already done.

Daybreaker Landscapes has been serving customers in the Chicago area since 2010. Our team has the experience and resources to provide slope drainage solutions that best suit your needs. We know how to improve the look of outdoor spaces on any commercial or residential property. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. We’ll take care of each step of the process from start to finish so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re in excellent hands.

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How Slope Drainage Systems Work

Drainage systems remove water from an area on a property at the surface or subsurface level. These intricate systems include piping and other parts that work together to quickly and continuously collect excess groundwater and move it away from the yard. Ensuring that water doesn’t collect on the surface of a lawn or other part of the property can mitigate the risk of damage to garden beds, retaining walls, and other structures.

A slope drain is specifically intended for properties containing slopes, areas of uneven ground where water will collect at the base of the incline. Installing a pipe in the direction of the slope can trap and move excess water and waste downhill, and away from the structure you’re trying to protect. Adequate drainage means you don’t have to worry about water building up on your soil and washing away your flowers or shrubs.

Signs That You Need a Slope Drainage System

When water doesn’t drain appropriately around your property, erosion, and damage to your landscaping can result. Undrained water can also threaten the integrity of nearby structures, including your house or business. Additionally, standing water invites unwanted guests, such as mosquitos and other insects.

Below are common signs of poor slope drainage that should indicate a problem may be about to arise:

  • Soil erosion – Soil can start to slide downhill when excess water loosens it. If your property has a slope, too much groundwater makes erosion much more likely. Pits and fissures can form in areas where the soil has broken away from a retaining wall or garden bed and begun moving towards a lower-lying area. Erosion isn’t only dangerous to your grass and plants. It can also damage walkways, fountains, and other hardscapes located on your property.
  • Migrating topsoil – When water isn’t absorbed into the soil, it may wash over the mulch and topsoil in your backyard, pushing dirt onto nearby structures. If the mulch or topsoil gets into a drain cover or gulley, it can lead to clogging, increasing excess water.
  • Water flowing from the slope – Water has to flow somewhere once it builds up in a particular area. You might notice some seeping out of the bottom of the slope or flowing downhill in excessive amounts.
  • Leaning fences or walls – Fences and retaining walls near a slope will become noticeably uneven. They may start to tilt from excess water, destroying the integrity of the yard around it. Eventually, they can lift out of the ground and topple over, damaging nearby landscaping and structures.
  • Standing water – The top of a slope could accumulate water from excessive or heavy rains. Since the yard moves downward, gravity will work to move this water along the slope. It could reach your home and cause structural and other issues, such as mold.
  • Debris – Poor drainage doesn’t just move soil around and cause flooding. It can also result in unwanted debris on your property. If there isn’t a drain to facilitate the proper flow of water away from the slope, it can push dead leaves, twigs, and even garbage around your yard.

If you see structural damage, flooding, or other issues you haven’t noticed before, you should contact Daybreaker Landscapes immediately. There’s a solution to your drainage issues, but more problems could arise that end up costing even more money to repair if you wait too long. Regularly inspecting your property could ensure that you spot trouble before it escalates, enabling you to install the proper drainage system before it’s too late to save your landscaping.

Types of Drainage for Your Slope

You can choose from multiple drain systems that will efficiently and effectively move water away from the slope. The most common are:

  • Swales – A swale is a depression created around the base of a slope to funnel water away from the area to another part of the property. Fast-draining soil, a perforated pipe, and gravel can be used in handling excessive groundwater.
  • Rain gardens – You can plant a flower bed or garden on the slope for a practical and aesthetically pleasing drainage system. Shallow basins pool water during heavy rains, percolating it into the soil. Using fast-draining soil will promote the quick absorption of water and increase the growth of your flowers or plants.
  • Paving materials – If you have pavers leftover from installing a driveway or sidewalk, you can incorporate those into a slope drain. Gaps in the materials will keep surface areas dry while sending water into the soil and eliminating runoff. Porous concrete, concrete pavers, and plastic grids are most helpful in creating this system.

The slope drain we install on your property will depend on different factors. We will survey your land and advise you about the available options based on what will meet your needs.

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Drainage systems are an integral part of any residential or commercial property. They can maintain the look of your yard, prevent structural damage, and add curb appeal. If you’re interested in learning more about our slope drainage services, call Daybreaker Landscapes right now at (815) 596-0070 for a free quote.