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Surface Drainage Solutions from Daybreaker Landscapes

Poor drainage can ruin your landscaping and create problems for your property. The Lake in the Hills landscape drainage professionals of Daybreaker Landscapes have over a decade of experience providing quality services to commercial and residential properties in the Chicago area. We can customize a plan to safeguard your plants, trees, and other greenery so they don’t succumb to flooding.

When you meet with us, we will review the area needing work and determine the best course of action to solve your surface drainage problems. You can depend on our dedicated professionals to keep your property looking beautiful year-round.

When it rains, the water will eventually settle somewhere, typically in low-lying areas. Continuous and heavy rainfall can trigger drainage issues, causing flooding throughout a property. Daybreaker Landscapes knows the importance of preparing for potential excess water. We provide top-notch solutions to prevent severe damage from occurring. We can help you avoid costly repairs and unnecessary maintenance with the most effective drain solution that suits your needs.

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What Is a Surface Drain?

Surface drains are an easy solution for draining water away from your property. It comprises a system of plastic tubes beneath the ground’s surface. The tubes will move any water from rainfall and other sources from lower parts of the yard towards an exit spot away from the affected area.

This type of system is made up of only a few parts, making it easy to plan an appropriate route and bury the pipes under the ground. Specific circumstances require surface drains, like these:

  • Water tends to flow consistently from a higher part of your yard to a lower area.
  • There’s excess water at a particular spot that needs to be drained.
  • Water collects on the property from an outside source.
  • Water pools on a hard area or the surface of the ground.

Standing water can ruin all the hard work you put into making your lawn look pristine. Although grass needs water to grow, too much water can create a range of problems. Poor drainage can turn your backyard into a swamp, killing your lawn, bushes, and flowers. It can also cause erosion that washes away your plants and destroys your perfectly cultivated grass.

Additionally, water buildup is a breeding ground for pests. Without an adequate drainage system, mosquitos and other unwanted insects can take over your property, causing even further damage to your greenery.

Common Signs You Might Have Poor Drainage

Before you can begin the process of installing a surface drain, you must first determine if you have a problem. You must also pinpoint precisely where the excess water is coming from to know where the pipes should go.

These common signs will alert you to a potential issue requiring surface drainage installation:

  • Soggy ground
  • Soil erosion
  • Water damaged structures
  • Standing water that can’t be absorbed into the ground
  • Water that pools at the bottom of downspouts
  • Low-lying areas collect excess water when it rains

Once you realize your property has trouble draining excess water, you’ll need to figure out the origin of the problem. Various factors could lead to poor surface drainage, and some are more apparent than others.

Some of the most common causes are:

  • Uneven ground, resulting in low spots where water collects
  • Obstacles, such as bushes or hardscape structures, preventing water from running off the property
  • Cracks, debris, and other damage to gutters and downspouts
  • Hard ground unable to absorb water properly

Whether you own a commercial or residential property, you need surface drains to keep water away, so your dying grass and damaged plants don’t deter guests. There likely is a solution to your problem, and Daybreaker Landscapes can help you find it.

Types of Surface Drains

Multiple options are available in drainage systems, and the one you choose will depend on your budget, needs, and the layout of your property. Some options are:

  • French drain – This solution consists of perforated pipes installed beneath the surface of the ground and surrounded with gravel to keep out particles and mud. This drain directs water away from the problem area and off the property.
  • Grassy swale – A swale is a carefully graded part of a lawn that directs water elsewhere. Swales can diminish the amount of water over a large surface area and direct it towards a drain or bog planting.
  • Bog area – Properties with minimal excess water can benefit from the addition of landscaping plants. Willows, red-twig dogwoods and other plants are helpful in preventing flooding on the property.
  • Dry well system – This is an environmentally-friendly option to the French drain that discharges water buildup on-site. Drains or downspouts will direct the water to an underground well, where it gradually filters out and away from the property.
  • Corrugated plastic tubes – A corrugated plastic tube installed over the end of a downspout directs and disperses water away from problem spots or drains it away from the property.

Daybreaker Landscapes can determine which solution might work best for your drainage issues. No two properties are exactly alike, and the type of drain you need will depend on where your home or business is located and other contributing factors. We can install a drainage system that fits your budget and meets any deadlines you have in mind. We want to ensure that your yard won’t encounter more flooding or structural damage so you can have peace of mind.

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