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Beautiful Decks for Lake in the Hills Homes

More and more people want to enjoy outdoor living, and a deck enables them to do just that. A deck turns your backyard into an extension of your home. It offers a clean, outdoor space with a scenic view to enjoy nature while you unwind comfortably.

Your new or upgraded deck can integrate nature by supporting climbing plants and vines or holding potted flowers or trees. You have the benefit of openness and fresh air in a living space that’s up off the dirt and grass.

Using a variety of materials and design elements, the Lake in the Hills deck experts from Daybreaker Landscapes can work with you to create a design that will enable you to transition smoothly from your home to the outdoors. If you are considering adding a deck to your property, please give us a call at (815) 596-0070, so we can schedule a design consultation to create exactly what you have in mind.

Advantages of Adding a Deck

A deck is a home improvement project that will prove worthwhile. Getting outdoors is always desirable, and a deck can help you maximize your enjoyment of nature without leaving home. It also offers you more space during warmer months to use for relaxing, socializing, cooking, and eating.

A deck built by Daybreaker Landscapes is something you will use, enjoy, and be glad you invested in. Here are some of the main benefits you will appreciate.

Expanding the Living Space of Your Home

Living space is simply where you sit and gather, cook and eat, or relax and appreciate the company of your friends and family. When you expand your living space to the outdoors with a deck, you also enlarge the enjoyment and value of your property. It is almost as if you are adding square footage to your home.

Enhancing the Look of Your Home’s Exterior

Decks do not have to just be functional, they can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. They can be built using various colors and finishes that will complement a home’s design. Your deck can be done in a beautiful natural wood hue or to match the exterior trim and shutters. Some people choose to paint it an accent color for a bright flair.

Well-placed, stylish outdoor furniture, specialty lighting, potted plants, and other decorations can create a relaxing, peaceful ambiance that looks inviting even from a distance.

Upping the Worth of Your Home

With outdoor living spaces being so popular, adding a deck can increase the resale value of your home, and it’s less expensive than many other home renovations. On average, sellers get a 70% return on their investment in a deck for their homes. Factors that can add to the appeal to home buyers include having it professionally designed and using high-end materials.

Providing Additional Space to Gather

With a deck, you have more room to accommodate guests for parties and family get-togethers, and they can enjoy nice weather and fresh air. Socializing on the deck leaves yard space for other activities like sports, games, and play areas for children.

Styles of Decks

There are different types of decks to suit your design wishes or make the best use of space. Daybreaker Landscapes will help you determine which of these styles is ideal for your property.

Platform Decks

The simplest deck style is a platform that is typically attached to single-level homes and built on level lots. Because they are just one step off the ground, they often don’t require railings. Instead, the perimeter of the deck can be defined by bench seating or built-in planters. Angles and curves can provide a stylish design element to this type of deck.

Raised Decks

When a house has a main floor located above-grade, a raised deck is necessary. Since they are so high off the ground, raised decks must have railings all around and proper structural support posts. Stairs are also required to have access to the yard.

Two-Story Decks

Two-story decks provide outdoor access to both an upper and lower level of a home, and they are connected by stairs. These are popular for dwellings with a walkout basement.

Multilevel Decks

A series of decks for one structure can be connected by stairways or walkways. These multilevel decks work well for sloped lots because it allows the deck areas to follow the contours of the property. Each section can be staggered to prevent the lowest deck from obstructing the views from the higher decks.

Another advantage of the multilevel deck style is the ability to vary the locations. One level can be located close to the house for entertaining, another can optimize sun exposure, and yet another level can be positioned near trees for relaxation in the shade.

Freestanding Decks

Freestanding decks are not attached to a building. This is a useful style when the deck needs to be located away from a house or when the house’s construction cannot accommodate a ledger board, which needs to be bolted to the house. Construction of freestanding decks is the same as attached decks, except footings, beams, and posts are needed to replace a ledger board.

Since freestanding decks are not restricted to being located next to a house, they can be built anywhere in a yard and be placed in the most desirable section of the property.

Choices of Decking Materials

Taste in the look of decks varies for every person. Since deck designs are always evolving, there are more choices than ever for building materials. Homeowners even have the option to mix and match decking materials according to their taste and creativity.

Pressure-Treated Wood

As one of the least expensive decking materials, pressure-treated decking wood is commonly used. The wood is chemically treated to resist mold, rot, and insects, but it is typically manufactured from inferior grades of fir or pine. Over time, these tend to warp and crack, so there is ongoing maintenance to care for the wood.

Natural Wood

The beauty of real wood can make a design statement of its own. For those who want a very natural look, cedar and redwood are common choices for building decks. Cedar is strong, lightweight, and widely available. Redwood is similar in characteristics to cedar and readily available in the western United States, but it can be harder to find in eastern regions, and it’s more expensive. Both kinds of wood naturally resist rot and insects, but the added protection of a stain and sealer helps keep it from cracking and splintering.

Faux Wood

Faux wood is also known as composite decking. It is composed of wood fibers and recycled plastic, so it is very weather resistant and won’t warp, split, scratch, or splinter and never needs to be sanded or painted. The low maintenance aspects account for it rapidly becoming a popular trend with homeowners.

Additional Features for Your Deck

Deck spaces can be personalized for looks or function. An assortment of options for railings and accessories are available, so a unique look can be created. Your deck does not have to look just like a neighbor’s. Here are a few ways you can enhance your deck to suit your needs:


Adding a cover to your deck provides shade and protection from the elements, so you can be out in rain or shine. Roofing options include canopies, pergolas, shade sails, or solid roof structures.


Spending evenings on the deck can mean sharing the outdoors with bugs. Screen enclosures are a simple addition to your deck, and they provide protection from insects and other elements while still maintaining an outside feel.


Deck skirting covers the area beneath elevated decks. It conceals the empty space and can also be an added design element. It can be made of lattice panels, wood or composite wood planks, or even stone. If you use the enclosed space for storage, it is ideal to add a door for access.

Why You Need a Professional Deck Installation by Daybreaker Landscapes

Whether you want to upgrade your existing deck or start from scratch, the most important aspect is safety. Since they are often elevated and designed to hold groups of people, the stability and durability of your deck are crucial. Deck installation is complex, and it takes knowledge, experience, and the proper tools to do the job right and on time.

The professionals at Daybreaker Landscapes can also help you choose the best design for a deck that flows with your landscape and looks custom. Hiring us will also ensure that your structure meets all the building codes and regulations.

Let’s Talk Decks

Isn’t it time to take advantage of all the benefits a new deck has to offer? The hardscaping services team at Daybreaker Landscapes would love to work with you to design and build the perfect deck for your needs and budget. Since 2010, we have been dedicated to customer satisfaction, communication, and reliability, and we are a member of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association. Our services are available to the residents of Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Barrington, Elgin, Lake in the Hills, and many other surrounding communities.

Please call our decking professionals at (815) 596-0070 or contact us online, and we can talk about making your new deck a reality.