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Outdoor Fire Features for Your Lake in the Hills Home

A warm, crackling fire under a night sky is the perfect setting for backyard enjoyment. Installing a fire pit or fireplace can completely change the look and add to the function of your property. An awkward space can be transformed into a venue for peaceful solitude or lively entertainment. The light, warmth, and ambiance of a fire create a welcoming focal point that brings people together to make memories.

An outdoor fire feature is customizable and can be integrated into your current landscape in numerous ways. It can be built as part of a patio with built-in seating or placed in an area all to itself.  Whether a simple, cozy fire pit or a custom-built fireplace, Daybreaker Landscapes can craft a structure that matches what you envision, blends well with your property, and stays within budget. Now is the time to contact our talented hardscape professionals.

Advantages of Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Enhancing outdoor spaces with fire pits and fireplaces has become very popular for good reason. These unique hardscape elements have many benefits to offer. They provide:

A spot to gather

People have always been drawn in by fires. In simpler times, they were a vital source of security and a place for bonding, relaxation, and entertainment, and this campfire feeling carries over into the present. A fire feature creates the perfect atmosphere for friendly interactions and genuine conversation. Roasting marshmallows or hot dogs on an open fire is the kind of activity that connects children and adults for story-telling and laughter.

Enjoyment throughout the year

Fire features provide light and warmth, so you won’t have to send the party indoors when chilly temperatures come. People will be happy to sit by a warm fire to chat or stargaze late into the evening. When cold weather makes other activities undesirable, a fire feature allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space and the fresh air.

Esthetic appeal

Just as fireplaces inside a home can be the focal point of a room, fire features tie an outdoor space together. The textures, visual height and depth, and flickering flames of a fire pit or fireplace create visual interest and allure. When complemented with décor and furniture, the area becomes an eye-catching retreat.

Added property value

A well-crafted fire feature extends the living space of your home so the outdoors can be appreciated without compromising style or comfort. Homebuyers are always looking for amenities that present opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. When the time comes for you to sell your house, it will be more attractive and command a higher price if it offers a welcoming outdoor area.

Fire Pit or Fireplace?

Your burning question may be which fire feature to choose. Deciding on a fire pit or a fireplace will depend on the overall purpose for it, and we can guide you to a decision that will get you cozied up to your new fire feature in no time. The following is some information for you to consider:

Fire Pits

Fire pits can be free-standing units or dug into the ground. Whether square, circular, or rectangular, they can be built with a variety of natural or manufactured materials that come in plenty of styles and colors. The following characteristics differentiate fire pits from built-in fireplaces:

  • Seating can be placed on all sides, like a campfire, for better interaction.
  • A chimney is not required, but smoke can be diverted from the seating area.
  • Lower cost than a fireplace.
  • Less space is required than for a fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces may be standalone models or be built right into a patio, pavilion, or other landscape and are basically permanent structures with a long life span. A variety of materials can be used to construct fireplaces, such as brick, stone, steel, and cast iron. The following features distinguish fireplaces from fire pits:

  • Seating is placed primarily in front rather than all the way around.
  • Fire is enclosed to keep wind gusts from stirring up sparks and smoldering ashes.
  • Presents a bold architectural statement and showpiece quality.
  • A chimney directs smoke up and away.
  • Has the potential to be used in wet weather.
  • A tall fireplace can provide privacy from neighbors.

Fuel Options for Fire Features

Whether you have a fire pit or fireplace installed in your yard, its fuel source is one of your main considerations. All of the options will provide heat, but one may be more suitable for your needs and situation. Take a look at what each type of fuel has to offer:

Wood – The classic option that offers the most authentic fire experience with its crackling sound and outdoorsy aroma. A wood fire provides a great amount of heat, but it can take a while to get going, and starting one takes practice. There is also work involved to keep the fire going and clean up afterward.

Natural Gas – If you have a natural gas line available on your property, it may be a wise choice, although frequent use will increase your gas bill. It is simple to light and does not emit smoke, and there is no maintenance or burning material to keep in stock.

Propane – The placement of a propane fire feature is pretty flexible since you don’t need access to a gas line, and starting one just takes the flip of a switch. It produces sufficient heat, but propane tanks must be refilled, which can be costly.

Daybreaker Landscapes Is Ready to Get Started on Your Outdoor Fire Feature

Are you ready for an outdoor fireplace or fire pit that will bring everyone together in your backyard? The landscaping professionals at Daybreaker Landscapes can design and install a distinctive fire feature just for your landscape. Whatever your space and budget allow, we have the knowledge and experience to create the new favorite spot that your friends and family will keep coming back to. Call us today at (815) 596-0070 or complete our online contact form to schedule a design consultation, and we’ll get started.