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Lake in the Hills Gazebo Design and Installation

A yard can be a beautiful extension of any home, and having a spot for an outdoor getaway can give you the relaxation you need from life’s hectic pace. You may also want to create an inviting setting to entertain family and friends, and adding a gazebo can do it all.

For centuries gazebos have been seen as a symbol of elegance and affluence, and they have been used throughout history as meeting places or emotional and spiritual getaways. Gazebos are versatile structures that have roofs and open sides, so that you can enjoy shelter and the open air at the same time. They can be freestanding or attached to a building. They add architectural interest and create shaded seating areas. Whether simple, rustic, or elegant, gazebos are the way to go to help your yard become a cozy retreat for dining, entertaining, or personal quiet time.

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Benefits of Gazebos

An outdoor structure is an ideal way to upgrade your property, and a gazebo meets practical needs and becomes a place to build relationships and memories over the years. This fun, unique spot will draw you outside and bring additional benefits, such as those listed below.

Gazebos Get You Outside Year-around

You shouldn’t have to leave your own property to enjoy the outdoors. A gazebo is a comfortable space that protects you from UV rays and rain and gives you an outdoor destination in all four seasons. Why not get out there more frequently?

Gazebos House Multiple Activities

A gazebo is a beautiful architectural structure to enjoy, but it is also a place where activities can take place. Gazebos can be a great location for:

  • Lounging and relaxing by yourself or with guests
  • Cooking on a grill
  • Dining outdoors
  • Shooting photos
  • Holding an intimate garden wedding
  • Occupying children as a playhouse
  • Having intimate conversations
  • Practicing yoga

Gazebos Look Great

Gazebos are the eye-catching “wow” factor on your property and can stylishly complement your home. You can have one as an extension of a deck for an additional seating area. A gazebo by a pool gives a resort-type look or placed in an area with flowers and plants, it gives the English garden feel. They can even be decorated with lights or flowers for special occasions.

Gazebos Add Value to Your Home

An outdoor structure may not count toward the overall square footage, but a gazebo can feel like an extension of the living space, and it is a strong selling point. Homebuyers are always looking for outdoor living spaces, which can compensate for lack of space in the house. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your house right away, you will feel the value of spending more time outside.

Gazebos Offer Peace and Tranquility

Serenity and solitude can be hard to find for people with busy schedules, so being able to unwind in your own backyard makes it easier to fit into your schedule. You can watch children play, read a book, or just soak in the fresh air.  You may never have considered having a spot to just do nothing, but once you try it, you will see the difference it makes.

Styles of Gazebos

Numerous styles of gazebos are available, and they can be placed in a private, hidden spot or a convenient location to your house. Depending on how you plan to use it, the space you have available, and your design preferences, you can consider these popular styles for your gazebo.


A pavilion gazebo is open on the sides, often rectangular, and a relatively simple design supported by columns. They are traditionally constructed with wood, and the roof is typically more functional than ornamental and has shingling, etc., like a house. Concrete or stone is often used as the flooring, which can be a striking design element.

Pavilions are often placed close to a house and used as a gathering place. These tend to be larger than other gazebos and can easily accommodate furniture while leaving standing room. Pavilions are a good choice if you like to host outdoor parties and allow your guests to have both fresh air and roof over their heads.


Victorian-style gazebos may be what comes to mind when you hear the word gazebo. Their shape is traditionally octagonal or hexagonal or turret-shaped, and they have walls and an elliptically curved roof. They are perfect for adding classic charm to your landscape.


A rotunda is a circular gazebo with a ring of pillars and a domed roof that provides ample space and shade. This European architectural design works well with colonial-era homes and adds elegance and an air of distinction to your property for hosting events.


Originated in Japan as religious structures, the wooden pagoda gazebo has an intricate, lacy design and noticeable oriental style. Pagodas can also be built in a more minimalistic, contemporary style with clean lines. The curved, pointed roof can be two or three-tiered, like those of pagodas in Asia. These gazebos add Zen appeal to your outdoor area.

Uses for Gazebos

Gazebos are the perfect way to enjoy a combination of outdoor living and comfort on your own property and can be built as multi-purpose structures or for a specific function. These are some of the customary uses for gazebos.

Outdoor Kitchen Gazebos

The popularity of outdoor kitchens is ever increasing. People love making outdoor entertaining a priority and want to take it to the next level. When you house your kitchen in a gazebo, it gives a finished look to the area and makes food preparation and grilling much easier with protection from the hot sun and rain.

Hot Tub Shelter Gazebos

Hot tubs are a prevalent feature for entertaining and relaxing. Surrounded by a gazebo, your hot tub will visually stand out and also be used more often. A fun or romantic evening can happen even if it is raining or snowing.

Pool Gazebos

Incorporating a gazebo by the pool is a great way to have a shady relaxation spot. Creative options include having one suspended over the pool. Part of the structure can hang over the edge of the water and allow you to dive right in. A gazebo with glass walls creates a pool house, giving you a perfect view without getting splashed. A terrific entertaining gazebo can include a bar, so you can serve guests drinks by the pool.

Dining Gazebos

Covering your outdoor dining area with a gazebo is a much better alternative to the traditional umbrella table because it gives you full shade and protection. Even if it rains, your plans for open-air dining can still take place.

Added Elements for Gazebos

There is no limit to the features and accessories you can add to a gazebo. They can be equipped with curtains, lattice, or shutters that open and close for privacy or protection. On the interior, built-in benches with cushions provide seating, or you can place tables, chairs, or other patio furniture. Water features, flower boxes, or insect screens can be included in some types of gazebos. With hanging potted flowers, vines, shrubs, or planters, you can add an enchanted, natural appeal.

Accessorizing your gazebo with string lights, a chandelier, lanterns, or whatever your taste desires will enhance the cozy ambiance. If you really want to bring the indoors out, a television and a comfy couch can be incorporated to watch your favorite sports or movies.

Let the Professionals at Daybreaker Landscapes Install Your Gazebo

Now that you realize how a gazebo would enhance your outdoor property, we can help you find the right one and make sure it is done right. A gazebo needs to be securely installed and made from high-quality materials to make it safe, functional, and durable. The professionals at Daybreaker Landscapes have the knowledge and experience to carefully and efficiently install your gazebo in the appropriate location to meet your needs. We know how to take of the complexities of installing a gazebo, such as proper land leveling and drainage. When you hire us, we take care of all the details, so you all you have to do is enjoy the finished product.

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