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Enjoy Your Lake in the Hills Outdoor Living Room

Spending time outdoors with family, friends, and other guests is a great way to entertain and enjoy the beautiful weather that we often have here in Lake in the Hills, Algonquin, and the nearby communities in Illinois. But without a patio, landscape beds, or other hardscape elements, it can be difficult to entertain outside. If you are looking to expand your outdoor entertainment space, then consider adding an outdoor living room.

Outdoor living rooms offer incredible options for both residential and commercial customers. Learn more about outdoor living rooms and then give the team at Daybreaker Landscapes a call at (815) 596-0070 to schedule a consultation with our hardscape design team so we can start planning your new outdoor area.

How an Outdoor Living Room Can Change Your Property

Creating an outdoor living room can provide many benefits to your residential or commercial property. You can sit outside with a beverage after work and de-stress, have more space to entertain company, increase the value of your property, and more, such as:

  • It expands your livable space. Many people think that the inside of a home is the only place where they can relax or hang out, but your backyard offers so much more space that can be utilized. You can add on a whole new living space that is easily customizable to your taste, and that complements the outside of your home. You can also add landscape beds around the area to incorporate your existing landscape design into your new outdoor living room.
  • An outdoor living room could increase your home value. If you plan to resell your home at any point, then adding on to it can help boost the overall value of your property. Homebuyers often look for well-landscaped yards, and the outside of your property often makes the first impression. If they see a yard that is not taken care of, then they may see the rest of the property in a negative light as well. An outdoor living room shows that you care about your home and invested in it wisely.
  • You can create an entire outdoor living space. If you already have an outdoor kitchen where you can grill and prepare meals, then putting in an outdoor living room can increase your space and make it easier to entertain guests while you cook for them outside.
  • Relax by spending time outside. While we think of outdoor living rooms as primarily an option for the home, the fact is that these spaces can be great for commercial properties, too. Employees could take laptops outside and de-stress from a meeting or refocus while working outside. If you have one installed at your home, then you have a space to sit outside after getting home from work or school, where you can regroup and decompress from your day.

Elements You Can Add to Your Outdoor Living Room

There are so many options you can decide to add to your outdoor living room, which makes this outdoor addition a versatile choice. Outdoor living rooms can have any look and feel you want. Consider adding elements to your space, such as:

  • Custom paver patio: There are several types of pavers you can choose, from concrete pavers to brick. Each type offers beautiful design options, making it is easy for you and your landscape designer to pick a material that is durable and also complements the outside of your property.
  • Flagstone patio: Along with pavers, flagstone or natural stone is also an option for patios. This type of stone could be more expensive but will last a lifetime and should prove to be an excellent investment.
  • Fire pit or fireplace: For those cooler autumn evenings, you can add in a fire pit or fireplace for your outdoor living room. Custom fire pits and fireplaces can be designed in any shape or size, depending on the size of your yard and the needs of your property. If you have a larger commercial property, consider adding in a couple of larger fire pits for evening gatherings. A fireplace adds ambiance and a focal point to your room.
  • Artificial turf: If you want a more natural look to your space, then consider using synthetic grass for your outdoor living room. It stays cool to the touch and drains efficiently, which provides a nice surface for your outdoor living room if you do not want to use pavers or stone.
  • Decks: Extending your livable space could also be achieved with a wooden or composite deck that would function as a nice surface for your outdoor furniture. The deck could also be extended to wrap around the home.
  • Retaining or seating walls: Add extra stone seating around your space with a seating wall, or put in a decorative retaining wall for an elevated planter bed that adds more landscaping around the area for natural beauty.

Want to Put an Outdoor Living Room on Your Property?

If you have been thinking about adding an outdoor living room to your residential or commercial property, the landscape designers and installers at Daybreaker Landscapes are ready to help you in any way they can. For a decade, we have planned custom landscapes and installed hardscape elements for customers across the area of Lake in the Hills, Barrington, Algonquin, and other areas of Illinois.

Our veteran-owned business works with all types and sizes of properties throughout the area, and we will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your project as well as the budget for it. Give us a call today at (815) 596-0070 to set up an initial consultation with our experienced team members so that we can begin planning out your new outdoor living room. We can’t wait to start making your yard look beautiful and helping you enjoy your time outdoors.