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Improve Your Lake in the Hills Property With a Retaining Wall

If your property is sloped or hilly, a retaining wall will increase its functionality and bring dimension to your landscape while reducing soil erosion. A retaining wall can stabilize a steep slope and transform awkward and unusable outdoor spaces into purposeful focal points. Properties that struggle with the following issues should consider the option of a retaining wall:

  • Erosion materials clog certain areas of your property. A wall will decrease the angle of a slope to hold back the soil.
  • Erosion is threatening the foundation of your home or commercial property. Retaining walls help divert water away from your property and keep soil from washing away or being pushed up against the building.
  • Your landscape is in need of dimension and definition. Retaining walls create structural interest and give character and purpose to bland or oddly slanted property.

Whatever your retaining wall needs are, Daybreaker Landscapes will construct the perfect design and finished look for you. Our trusted service for residential and commercial customers includes utilizing the highest quality materials with a variety of aesthetic and color choices for a lasting structure that blends with your landscape. We’d love to discuss your hardscape project, so give us a call at (815) 596-0070 or complete our contact form, and let’s get started with a retaining wall that makes your property more useful and easier to maintain.

Benefits of Adding a Retaining Wall

Landscaping of any type is always a good investment, and retaining walls serve many purposes that increase the value of your property. The benefits they offer include:

Erosion prevention – A retaining wall with an effective drainage system will battle gravity and redirect rainwater flow to manage runoff and keep soil intact. You can have peace of mind that your landscape and building foundation will withstand even heavy rainstorms.

Expansion of functional space – By creating a flat, even space, a retaining wall allows a slope to be used for a variety of purposes, such as a grassy area, garden, play structure, or patio. A retaining wall can also provide seating when it’s placed in a space that is used for entertaining or gets foot traffic.

Privacy – In addition to protecting and increasing the use of a piece of land, retaining walls can also serve as a privacy feature when constructed in a location that blocks the vision and noise from nearby properties.

Aesthetic appeal – Retaining walls break up the monotonous look of a property and add scaled progression to enhance the look of any landscape. They can be constructed with materials of different colors and textures to customize an eye-catching presentation that complements your property.

Why You Should Leave Your Retaining Wall to the Professionals

Despite the straightforward appearance of a retaining wall, many decisions go into building one that will sustain adverse weather without compromising its structural integrity over time. Some of those decisions include:

  • What material should be used for the wall?
  • What should be the base material be?
  • What type of drainage system is best?
  • Is a footer needed? What type?
  • Is a building permit required?
  • Is input from a civil engineer necessary?
  • Will the wall’s effect on water flow impact my neighbors?

A retaining wall is only as strong as its support system. The soil that a wall must hold is heavy, especially when wet, and the pressure from the soil increases with every foot of the wall’s height. Proper drainage provisions are the only way to combat water and prevent it from putting too much force on the wall. If the construction plan is not calculated correctly, the wall can bulge, crack, lean, or collapse altogether.

With all of this to consider, the design and build of a retaining wall should be left to professionals who know how to contemplate all of the necessary factors when they evaluate your property. The experts from Daybreaker Landscapes will determine the best design, placement, and construction for your wall to ensure its integrity from every angle for a result that exceeds your expectations and last for many years to come.

Materials Used in Building Retaining Walls

Combining our knowledge with your vision, we can select the right type of building materials and features to create the best look and function for your retaining wall. Common choices for retaining wall products include:

Poured concrete – This clean, consistent design works well with modern-looking homes and businesses and is very strong and long-lasting. It can be poured into a variety of shapes and forms to suit numerous designs. Options such as staining and stamping are available to add color and textural patterns.

Concrete blocks – Strong and versatile, concrete blocks come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures to blend well with a building’s exterior and the surrounding landscape. Curves can be easily formed with concrete blocks to accommodate irregular terrain.

Natural stone – Often considered the most attractive, natural stone retaining walls add character and an organic look to any outdoor space. Blending various types of stones offers a unique and custom appearance. Stone walls built by some of the first settlers in America that still stand today are a testament to their durability.

Timbers – The natural look of timbers seamlessly blends into rustic landscapes, and they can easily integrate steps and multiple angles. Less expensive than other materials, timbers are a good option for the cost-conscious. Moisture will weaken timber, so it will break down eventually and not last as long as other materials.

Let Us Get to Work on Your Retaining Wall

When you’re ready to have a retaining wall built, we want you to choose Daybreaker Landscapes. Our team of experienced professionals offers expert options and designs while always respecting your ideas and preferences. We will ensure that your wall serves its purpose, has longevity, and looks amazing. It’s easy to contact us to schedule a retaining wall consultation. All you have to do is call (815) 596-0070 or complete our contact form.  We can’t wait to get started on your project.