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Add A Wall to Your Property with the Help of Daybreaker Landscapes

Walls can offer privacy and an aesthetically pleasing hardscape to any commercial or residential property. They can also serve a functional purpose:  to prevent water drainage and runoff or soil erosion. At Daybreaker Landscapes, our professional team of hardscape professionals has over a decade of experience installing and maintaining walls to create a beautiful space that adds value to any property.

Many people don’t realize how much time, effort, and planning goes into creating the perfect wall for an outdoor area. You need an expert with the resources to determine the right materials to use, where to install them, and how to properly maintain them to avoid damage and natural wear and tear. Daybreaker Landscapes is ready to discuss your needs and help you transform your property. Call us at (815) 596-0070 for a free quote.

What Is A Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a structure that can prevent erosion of soil or other naturally-occurring materials from moving. It’s especially useful for properties on a hill or at the bottom of a hill or mountain. The perfectly placed wall could prevent or minimize erosion, among other functions.

The main reasons people choose to install a wall include:

  • Prevent erosion – Erosion is a problem if you live in an area with soil fault lines. During an earthquake, the soil could slide down a hill or mountain and create structural problems for your home. A wall could provide some support and prevent soil loss or accumulation from ruining the integrity of your property.
  • Divert rainwater – Water runoff could cause various problems. A wall could slow down-flowing rainwater and divert it towards a drainage system.
  • Create usable land – Some properties have areas of land that don’t seem functional or manageable. With a wall, you could create a flat space to build additional parking or install a beautiful flowerbed.
  • Add definition – If there are slopes or hills on your property, you can add a wall to create a transition from one level to another. Use them for a place to sit or as steps to get from the bottom of the hill to the top.
  • Replace an old wall – Sometimes, you need to update the look of your property by replacing an outdated or damaged wall. Over time, walls can develop cracks or start to lean.

Types of Materials to Choose for Your Wall

Daybreaker Landscapes can construct your wall using various materials, such as wood, rocks, or concrete. All available materials have advantages and disadvantages. Some are expensive, while others don’t last as long. The type of material you choose for your wall will depend on your specific needs.

Wood – Using timber is one of the most economical choices. It’s cheaper than many other materials and easier to install. It’s durable but lightweight enough that it’s easy to remove or reposition.

Natural stone – A stone wall can add a natural look to any property while creating dimension. You have the option of a mortared wall or dry stacking. Dry stacking is a popular option because water can pass through the wall, reducing the amount of pressure caused by wet soil.

Veneer stone – Brick or stone veneer could add a unique look to a poured concrete or concrete block wall. Adding materials, such as slate, granite, or flagstone, can complement other property structures and appeal to your specific taste.

Concrete blocks – Concrete offers a modern look and comes in various colors, sizes, and shapes. It’s also incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

Brick – Brick is a popular choice for walls. It’s easy to choose the right color to complement your home or landscaping. There isn’t much maintenance required to retain the color or protect against damage. It’s also resistant to fire and poor weather conditions.

Boulders – Boulders are great for homeowners interested in privacy. They’re large enough to create a wall that divides your property from your neighbor’s property. You can enjoy your backyard without anyone watching you and your family. You can choose from different sizes and colors at affordable prices.

Gabion – This type of wall consists of rocks or other materials inside a cage made from wire or steel rods. Gabion is so durable that it can withstand downpours, wind, and other extreme weather. You can also upgrade or replace sections of a gabion wall without ruining its integrity.

Options for Designing Your Wall

The great thing about adding a wall to your property is the versatility. There’s so much you can do with a wall to update an outdoor living area, create a private space in your backyard, or add to the value of your home.

So many options exist. You could:

  • Create a multi-level terrace in which to plant beautiful gardens
  • Mix and match materials and colors for a unique look
  • Add a curve to the wall around your garden
  • Install a fire pit or fireplace using the same materials as the wall for a seamless design
  • Add lighting on the wall to create ambiance
  • Use walls to add built-in seating for an outdoor living space
  • Add steps to a retaining wall, so it’s easier to walk up or down a hill
  • Include a water fountain, koi pond, or another type of water feature to enhance the look of the wall
  • Add flowers, vines, or shrubbery to create a vertical planter

The design you choose for your wall is entirely up to you. Daybreaker Landscapes can meet with you to review your needs and guide you to the right choice. You should choose something that fits with the aesthetic of your property while also matching your budget. You don’t have to break the bank to add a new element to your property that complements your home and creates a beautiful space for you to enjoy for many years.

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We have been providing hardscaping services to residents throughout Illinois since 2010. When you meet with us for an initial consultation, we will create a beautiful and functional design. Our team can install your new wall efficiently, so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy your property’s additional feature.

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