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Lake in the Hills Leaf Cleanup and Removal Services

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of fall cleanup is probably raking and disposing of leaves that blow off your trees. For business and home owners in the Chicagoland area, that can often mean hours of leaf cleanup and removal.

Raking the lawn can be an exhausting chore that many people dread having to do, especially if you have a large yard and lots of trees. But you don’t have to tackle the job yourself.

You can hire a landscaping specialist who has the proper equipment and professional experience necessary to clean up all the dying leaves before they create an environment that attracts insects and promotes disease.

Whether you perform leaf cleanup and removal yourself or hire a company to take care of it, correct cleanup and disposal of dead leaves is an important habit to get into for anyone who wants an impressive lawn that thrives from season to season.

The Benefits of Consistent Leaf Cleanup and Removal

Keeping your lawn free of leaves and debris will not only foster a healthy lawn, but will also provide an aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere perfect for entertaining and relaxing in your yard while the temperatures are still comfortable.

Consistent leaf cleanup and removal can also minimize allergies that may worsen in the autumn. Mold and mildew are fungi that can grow outdoors on damp fallen leaves, producing spores that will spread as long as decaying leaves are left on your lawn. By cleaning up leaves before they can be exposed to fungi, you can reduce the level of allergens and you can breathe more easily.

As leaves decompose after falling off the trees in your yard, they pull necessary moisture away from your soil, creating an insect-friendly environment. Decaying leaves can also lead to disease and layers of leaves can cause sections of dead grass in your yard.

To avoid dead spots, disease, and other lawn issues, make sure that your leaves are raked up and removed from your lawn before the first sign of snow.

Tools and Tips for Leaf Cleanup

Don’t wait until spring to rake and remove autumn leaves from your lawn.

The professionals at Daybreaker Landscapes suggest that you routinely clean up leaves in your yard throughout the fall to increase the chances of your grass surviving the harsh conditions of winter in the Chicago area.

The average homeowner will clean up and manage the accumulation of leaves on their lawn by relying on the simple, but time-consuming, method of raking. If you decide to use a rake for leaf cleanup, select a rake that has a tine spread of around 30 inches. There are rakes that are labeled as “no-clog” and have angled tines, which don’t break the leaves and create blockages in the tines of the rake.

However, for proper cleanup and disposal of leaves, rakes are often not enough.  Professional products and equipment often need to be purchased or rented. To clean behind dog houses, sheds, and other structures, you can try using a small yard vacuum to collect leaves that are piling up, but keep in mind that you will have to move the leaves from a vacuum bag to a garbage bag.

You can collect more leaves in fewer bags by using a yard vacuum with a built-in shredder. The vacuum will suck up the leaves while the shredder reduces them to small fragments. Lawn vacuums also make it easier to pick up leaves under or beneath shrubs and trees, between bushes, on top of stone mulch, and in other places where it might otherwise be hard to rake.

A leaf blower can be used after raking to speed up the cleanup process. To use a leaf blower properly, section out your yard and work the leaf blower back and forth in established rows. To avoid having your neat piles of leaves blow away, don’t walk too close to the leaf piles with the blower.

Proper Leaf Removal

If you choose to rake and dispose of the leaves yourself, refrain from dumping the leaf piles in ditches or on top of standing water. In some towns, dumping your leaves in undesignated areas can result in a fine.

If you have a compost pile or a composter, you can toss your dying leaves in and let them break down into mulch. Other options for disposal of the leaves include participating in a leaf recycling program, which usually involves putting your leaves in blue-colored or clear lawn bags, and leaving them at the end of your driveway on a certain day for pickup. Check your town’s website to see if your municipality participates in a leaf recycling program.

Once you have raked or vacuumed all dying leaves, be sure to fill your lawn bags with leaves only. Sticks, stones, garbage, and large debris should be disposed of separately.

A landscaping professional can provide both the leaf cleanup and removal services, so you can maintain a healthy lawn without spending every weekend of your autumn raking, and worrying about how to get rid of the piles you are left with. No matter what the size of your lawn, the team at Daybreaker Landscapes can remove even the smallest amounts of fallen leaves from your property.

Services to Complement Leaf Cleanup and Removal

Raking frequently can keep your lawn from being buried under dying leaves, and raking at the right time can help you avoid the headache that dead leaves can cause if they get wet and soggy.

If you rake after a rainstorm, the leaves covering your lawn will clump together when they become wet, which can clog leaf blowers and vacuums, and get stuck in rakes. Avoid the extra task of unclogging your tools by raking before rain or snow falls.

The best time for cleaning up and removing leaves from your property is not always a time that is convenient for you. That’s why it is to your advantage to hire a professional leaf cleanup and removal service that can be available when your yard needs it most.

At Daybreaker Landscapes, our team is trained to provide leaf cleanup and removal services, as well as other services that can be done at the same time to ensure a lawn that remains healthy all year long.

To maximize your lawn’s chance of remaining healthy throughout the winter months of dormancy, fall maintenance should include feeding, core aeration, and possible overseeding, as well as leaf removal.

Your grass needs nutrients, and autumn is the perfect time to feed it. In early fall, feed your lawn an organic, slow-release fertilizer that is high in nitrogen to promote healthy root systems, prevent grass blades from drying out, and ensure that your grass grows back in the spring.

Fall is the ideal time to aerate your lawn for optimal movement of air, nutrients, and water within the soil. Core aeration pierces the ground and pulls plugs of soil out, and is highly recommended for lawns in the Chicagoland area. Aerate your lawn before the winter season begins to give it the best chance of absorbing the nutrients necessary to endure the brutally-cold months ahead.

Once you’ve removed the dead leaves from your yard, make sure to have grass seed spread over your lawn long before the first snowfall. This process of overseeding is important for combatting the reduced rate of reproduction that grass experiences with age, especially in the fall when it begins to grow slower. Less grass often means more room for weeds to grow, which is why more aggressive weeds tend to take root in the fall.

The most effective way to overseed is by doing so after aeration in the fall. Seed any patches that have little to no grass and fill in any bare spots before winter, ensuring increased rates of germination in the spring.

Why Hire Daybreaker Landscapes

You deserve the healthy lawn that leaf cleanup and removal provide, but the job can be labor-intensive. The team at Daybreaker Landscapes understands this, which is why our landscaping experts are available when your yard needs it, and are committed to returning for cleanup and removal services until all the leaves have been disposed of.

If you have tried leaf cleanup and removal on your own in the past, and you’re ready for a break from raking, contact Daybreaker Landscapes.

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If you don’t have the time for leaf cleanup and removal, or you’re overwhelmed by how much work it is to rake and remove leaves every autumn, the experts at Daybreaker Landscapes are here to help you with leaf cleanup and removal services.

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