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Lake in the Hills Tree and Shrub Trimming and Maintenance Services

When you want a beautiful-looking yard, planting trees and shrubs is only half of the equation. You also have to be proactive about trimming and maintaining them throughout the year. But for most homeowners, finding the time or having the necessary equipment makes this landscaping job far more than just a weekend project.

In reality, tree and shrub trimming and maintenance are jobs for professionals. When trees reach very tall heights, trimming goes from being a simple nuisance to being a potential danger.

For almost a decade, home and business owners in the Chicagoland area who are looking for the highest-quality tree and shrub trimming services have turned to Daybreaker Landscapes time and time again.

Like fertilizing and watering lawns, trimming and maintaining shrubs and trees are essential to maintain a healthy and vibrant landscape. Without proper care, your trees and shrubs may not reach their full growth or be healthy.

The Lake in the Hills tree and shrub care professionals can assess your landscaping needs and can develop a trimming and maintenance plan that improves the beauty of your home and also raises your property value.  Call Daybreaker Landscapes now at (815) 596-0070 to let us show you how.

Why You Need Professional Shrub and Tree Trimming and Maintenance

Unlike simpler landscaping projects like mowing and edging, tree and shrub trimming and maintenance can be complicated. Professionals not only have the right equipment and experience to properly trim and maintain your shrubs and trees, but they also know how to do it safely.

Shrubs must be trimmed and maintained according to a seasonal schedule to make sure they are not damaged. If shrubs are not trimmed using the correct tools for different parts of the shrubs, they will sustain damage. If they are not trimmed at the right time of year, they can die.

Improper tree trimming can not only destroy your trees, but it can be very dangerous. Improper tree trimming can destroy the tree’s natural beauty, can cause branches to become diseased, and can weaken the entire tree.

Tree trimming can be dangerous. If branches are touching power lines, power lines can be cut and electrocution can occur, resulting in serious injuries or death. Tree trimming requires going up to great heights to get the top branches. A fall from that distance can cause debilitating injuries or death. Tree trimming also includes removing large and heavy branches, which is not properly cut, can cause damage to your property and to neighboring properties.

Whether you or someone you know needs professional tree and shrub trimming and maintenance, Daybreaker Landscapes can handle the job. Call us today at (815) 596-0070 or contact us online for more information.

Why Shrub and Tree Trimming and Maintenance is Important

Not only are your trees and shrubs a financial investment, but they’re also a future investment for your property. Whether you’re planning on living at the same place the rest of your life or simply want to increase the value of your property with the intent of selling it in the future, trees and shrubs can substantially improve your landscape.

Like all good investments, trees and shrubs need time to grow. However, to ensure full and luscious growth, they need regular care and maintenance and, after they’re grown, they need routine trimming and maintenance to keep their beauty and bounty.

The trees and shrubbery you choose to plant in your yard make a statement that says a lot about your personal style. But style without substance (in this case, careful trimming and maintenance) can lead to serious eyesores that mar the beauty of the rest of your property.

Some benefits of professional tree and shrub trimming and maintenance include:

  • Maximizing their lifespan
  • Improving their overall appearance
  • Encouraging maximum growth by clearing out blocks to sunlight
  • Encouraging fruit production in trees
  • Lowering the risk of developing diseases
  • Maintaining their structural integrity
  • Preventing splitting or uprooting during a thunderstorm
  • Protecting your house, your neighbors’ houses, and other physical property from damage in a wind or thunderstorm
  • Removing dead branches that could be dangerous to those below

Trees and shrubs are essential to human life. They absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale and they give off the oxygen we inhale to sustain our own lives. So, it’s important that trees and shrubs thrive. To thrive, they need to be treated with care. A professional arborist and landscaping crew will ensure that every tree and shrub in your yard receives the care and attention to detail it needs to grow and continue providing you with refreshing shade and revitalizing oxygen.

Types of Tree Trimming

Depending on the age and size of your trees, the team of landscape professionals at Daybreaker Landscapes will recommend different techniques to make sure that your trees are healthy and beautiful for decades to come.

Mature Tree Trimming

For older trees, the most important aspect of care and maintenance is called cleaning, or the removal of dead and dying branches to keep the tree safe and healthy. In some cases, tree trimming and maintenance professionals may also remove live branches to thin out dense trees to prevent storm damage.

In other cases, lower limbs may be pruned to increase the amount of light that reaches the ground. This technique is called raising. A skilled Lake in the Hills tree trimming and maintenance professional knows which limbs are appropriate and safe to cut on older trees to guarantee their longevity.

Young Tree Trimming

Because young trees have very little visible growth, it’s common for home and business owners to leave them out of routine trimming and maintenance. However, young trees need trimming and maintenance too, and in some cases, they need it more often than older trees.

When trees exist in forests and the wild, young trees naturally lose lower branches while competing with other trees for light and resources. But when a tree is planted in a yard and has access to full sunlight, it may develop multiple stems, known as leaders.

Lower leaders grow at the same rate as the terminal leader, but they complete with side branches that could die later on in the life of the tree because they didn’t get adequate nutrition and support in the beginning. By trimming these lower leaders early, we can make sure the tree has a strong framework that can support and sustain future growth.

Therefore, we trim branches to keep their size in proportion to the stem diameter at their point of attachment. We also trim branches to ensure there is enough space between permanent scaffold limbs to give the tree plenty of space to grow upward and outward, depending on the species.

Why Choose Daybreaker Landscapes?

The first step in successfully trimming and maintaining the trees and shrubs in your yard is to fully assess the layout of your landscaping. The Lake in the Hills tree and shrub trimming and maintenance professionals will inspect every tree and shrub on your yard to determine its overall health, and more importantly, what needs to be done to either make it healthy or to maintain its healthiness.

Unlike other landscape services firms that may apply a standard shrub and tree trimming and maintenance routine to every piece of property they work on, Daybreaker Landscapes customizes our plan for your property based on the individual needs of your trees and shrubs to make sure all tree and shrub trimming and maintenance we do has a specific purpose.

Daybreaker Landscapes was founded in 2010 by United States Air Force veteran Jeff Rausch. Jeff takes pride in every yard the Lake in the Hills landscapers service across the Chicagoland area. Jeff and the rest of the team at Daybreaker Landscapes are committed to superior customer experience and to 100% customer satisfaction.

Daybreaker Landscapes is a member of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association. We serve homes and businesses in and surrounding McHenry County. When you hire us, we promise to provide outstanding service and to treat your yard like it is our own.

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At Daybreaker Landscapes, we know more than anyone that your yard is more than just a piece of land. It’s the place where you go to enjoy the outdoors, a place where you bask in the company of friends and family, and the place where you play with your children to make memories that last a lifetime.

We also know that your yard represents you and how you want others to view you. The Lake in the Hills tree and shrub trimming and maintenance professionals are here to turn your yard into its best possible version through regular professional tree and shrub trimming and maintenance.

If you or someone you know lives in the Chicagoland area and needs a professional landscaping team to expertly trim and maintain their trees and shrubs, contact Daybreaker Landscapes by calling (815) 596-0070 and schedule a free estimate. After inspecting your yard and determining the path forward, we promise to deliver superlative results to bring beauty to your yard that will inspire you, your family, your guests, and your neighbors.