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Lake in the Hills Turf Maintenance and Installation Services

Turf is an increasingly popular choice for commercial and residential lawns in the Chicagoland area. Different from traditional lawn grass, turfgrass is a narrow-leaved, long-lived grass species that offers uniform ground coverage. Turf can tolerate high foot-traffic and low mowing-heights (typically two inches or less).

The most prevalent types of turfgrass are Kentucky bluegrass, Turf-type tall fescue, Fine fescue, and Perennial ryegrass.

For a dense, vigorous grass, Kentucky bluegrass is a favorite turf among homeowners and businesses. This medium to finely textured grass is hardy enough to withstand the cold northern Illinois winters but also excels in full sun.

Turf-type tall fescue grass demonstrates superb drought, heat, and shade tolerance. This is a medium to finely textured grass that is darker and shorter than the classic tall fescues. Turf-type tall fescue is perfect for low-maintenance areas. It’s no wonder this turfgrass is quickly becoming the first choice for many homeowners with cool-season and transition-zone lawns.

A fine-textured grass well suited for yards with notable shade, Fine fescue is the most shade-tolerant type of cool-season grass. Fine fescues include grass types with clumping, upright growth, as well as spreading, creeping turfgrasses.

Perennial ryegrass is one of the fastest germinating turfgrasses. It is a finely textured grass that does well in humid, but cooler climates, where fungal lawn diseases are common.

Benefits of Turfgrass

From outdoor entertaining and summer cookouts to running around with your family or relaxing at the end of a long week, some of the best moments in life happen outside. The right grass for your yard can help you enjoy more of those moments!

When correctly installed, turfgrass will reduce the speed and force of runoff, allowing for increased water absorption into the soil. Turfgrass absorbs pollutants from runoff and prevents many of the contaminants gathered by rainwater from ending up in our water systems.

Turfgrasses are not only effective at catching and filtering water but are also very efficient at retaining nutrients. Since the blades of turf slow down rainwater, turfgrass can play an essential role in minimizing soil erosion. Turf’s fibrous root system binds the soil together, preventing it from being carried off by wind and rain.

Turf also converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, replenishing fresh air. Healthy turfgrass is an integral part of removing carbon from the atmosphere. Studies have shown that turfgrass regulates temperature, as the turf is considerably cooler than most other outdoor surfaces, and its density even helps with noise reduction!

Well-maintained turfgrass discourages insects and rodents from taking up residence in your lawn. Healthy turf can help reduce pollen production as well, preventing the growth of weeds, which generate a great deal of airborne pollen. For families who want to spend time outside with their children and pets, natural turf offers a soft, resilient surface for play, while creating a hypo-allergenic atmosphere by trapping allergens and dust within dense turf growth.

Turf Installation

Turfgrass provides natural protection to the environment, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious homeowners and businesses.
In addition to being an excellent ecological choice, turfgrass is an economical and attractive option for yards.

To properly install turfgrass, several steps should be taken:

  • Use a synthetic-free treatment to kill off the old lawn and all weeds.
  • Remove any dead plant material, including old grass and its roots. Loosen and till the soil, then rake it until the surface is level.
  • Add one inch of high-quality compost to create a healthy, nutrient-dense soil surface for the roots of your new sod to grow. Spread this evenly.
  • Use a roller to compact the compost and create a level surface to install the sod.
  • Place the sod pieces on top of the compost, using a roller to push the sod down to the soil.
  • Water the sod to encourage the turf to take root. Water two to three times every day for up to three weeks, then return to a regular watering schedule.

Installing new turfgrass is a time-consuming process. Often professional products and equipment are needed for proper installation. At Daybreaker Landscapes, we can tackle the hard work, helping you install and maintain the right grass for your landscape and lifestyle.

Whether your existing lawn is looking forlorn and you want to replace it with turfgrass, or you have turf that may be suffering from neglect, we install high-quality turfgrass for a lush, robust lawn. At the time of service, we install the entire plant, root and all.

Turf Maintenance

Turfgrass is incredibly durable, but occasionally, it does need to be replaced. If you have not had a professional landscaping service assist you with your lawn care, and you suspect that your turf is unhealthy, contact the professionals at Daybreaker Landscapes to determine how to restore your lawn to complete health.

Your turf may need extra care or complete replacement if you see dirt spots in your yard where grass should be growing. Reseeding your lawn is a possible solution, but if the dirt spots are abundant, your best bet may be to replace the lawn with turfgrass.

While lawn disease is preventable, it can be the demise of your grass when it occurs. Some lawn diseases are incurable and result in the need for replacing your grass with something hardier, such as turfgrass.

Improper lawn care can lead to grass that is too weak to resist weeds. Replacing thin turf or grass with denser turfgrass can suffocate those unwanted weeds, and prevent them from growing back.

You may consider replacing your turf or grass simply because you don’t like the existing type growing in your yard. With so many different turfgrass types available, the team at Daybreaker Landscapes is committed to helping you find the turf that is perfect for your lawn and your life! Based in Union, we deliver residential or commercial landscaping services across the Chicagoland area.

The landscaping professionals at Daybreaker Landscapes understand how vital a healthy lawn is. Whether you need to replace your grass completely, want to aerate and reseed your yard, or have some questions about your lawn and landscaping, Daybreaker Landscapes has the expertise and equipment necessary for providing a breathtaking, beautiful lawn that you can enjoy all year.

After turf installation, the experts at Daybreaker Landscapes are here to help with any necessary maintenance. To prevent issues down the road, your growing turf needs frequent watering. Insect, disease, and weed control are maintenance efforts that can be time-consuming, but they too are essential to the health of your new turf.

If your turf is experiencing poor drainage, it’s possible that you need aeration services. Aeration is the process of poking holes in the lawn to loosen the soil and promote water drainage for deeper root growth. Aeration is recommended on an annual basis. Fertilization and aeration are labor-intensive but crucial for the health of your young turfgrass.

At Daybreaker Landscapes, we offer turf core aeration to remove plugs of grass and soil, allowing necessary air, nutrients, and water to reach the plant’s roots. We use an aerator machine to perforate the lawn and pull up plugs of turf, which are left on the lawn to decompose afterward.

Turf de-thatching is another service that is highly recommended for uncovering layers of thatch to remove them from your lawn. Thatch is the layer of grass clippings, leaves, and stems found between the roots below the soil and the grass above it. If layers of thatch become too thick, this can inhibit air, nutrients, and water from reaching the roots of the grass.

You deserve a healthy lawn, and with a schedule of routine maintenance, we can provide the thick, lush turf that will make you proud to share your yard with family and friends.

If you have taken the proper turfgrass maintenance measures and still see signs of disease, weeds, or other problems, contact the team at Daybreaker Landscapes. We are happy to help assess turf issues, perform installations, and maintain your turfgrass.

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If you find that you are just too busy to install turfgrass in your yard, or you don’t have the time for the upkeep required for a stunning, thriving lawn, we can provide installation and routine yearly maintenance. The experts at Daybreaker Landscapes are ready to help you determine which turf is ideal for your yard’s needs and your budget.

For a successful installation, Daybreaker Landscapes grows, delivers, and installs fresh sod. Our professional team of turf maintenance and installation experts is here to help you
select the turfgrass that will best compliment your landscaping, and make sure that your turf is installed correctly.

If you have a home or business in the Chicagoland area, Daybreaker Landscapes is ready to provide the most economical solution for any landscaping issue you bring us! Please call (815) 596-0070 or contact us online to schedule a free estimate today!