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Orland Park Landscapers

As winter ends and plants start to turn green, you may be looking at your yard wondering what you can do to make your lawn and landscaping stand out from the rest. It’s time to call in our team and get some professional landscaping services done.

Designing, installing, and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space can be a little more than most people can manage. A late winter storm or dry summer can ruin your best plans. That’s what we’re here for. Contact the Orland Park landscaping specialists of Daybreaker Landscapes at (815) 596-0070 and we can give you an estimate for your yard, whether you need a lawn replacement or want a full landscaping design, and whether your space is residential or commercial.

Services We Offer

There is more to landscaping than mowing your yard and trimming the bushes. At Daybreaker Landscapes, we provide a full range of yard care services, including:

  • Landscape design and development. We will perform a survey of your property and recommend the best layout for your landscape design, the ideal greenery, and floral species, and the preferred use of shade and light to enhance your outdoor usage.
  • Hardscaping. The complimentary flip side of landscaping, hardscaping includes patios, pathways, decks, fire pits and fireplaces, fencing, and decorative features. Enhancing your yard with hardscape means placing these features correctly for drainage and weed control.
  • Snow removal and maintenance. Nobody wants to shovel out their driveway all winter long, even if you have teenage offspring to do it for you. Besides the driveway, you’ll want to clear your sidewalks. Paths, decks, and underground water systems should also be cleared during the winter.
  • Drainage. A common problem in any yard is improper drainage. Poorly placed sprinklers can lead to water pooling near the foundation of the house. You may have noticed damp spots or mold in the basement, a common sign of poor drainage. We can assess your property for drainage issues and offer solutions for correcting the problem, whether you need to repair your gutters or install new subsurface drains.
  • Outdoor kitchens. One of the best ways to enjoy your backyard is with an outdoor kitchen. We can help you design a new one that you love or help you update your current outdoor kitchen to meet all your outdoor entertainment needs.
  • Outdoor lighting. Our specialists can help you determine the best ways to light your property, whether you want to highlight a water feature, properly light your outdoor kitchen or provide walkway lighting for your deck or patio. We also help with holiday light installation and removal.

If you are satisfied with your existing property, we also provide routine maintenance, mowing and leaf removal, and other exterior upkeep.

About Us

Daybreaker Landscape GalleryDaybreaker Landscapes is a residential and commercial landscaping company serving the northwest Chicago area since 2010. We got our start when founder Jeff Rausch bought a truck and some yard equipment and went into business for himself, using the knowledge and self-reliance he’d gotten in the Air Force.

Today, we are helping clients keep their yards looking good in St. Charles, Barrington, Algonquin, and Orland Park, and guarantee top-quality service year-round. Whether you need your lawn installed, a new patio designed, or a sprinkler system examined for leaks, Daybreaker Landscapes is here to help you with your outdoor needs. We can do a soil analysis, test for pests or parasites, and analyze your yard for drainage problems or other problems.

Turf – the New Lawn

The newest lawn material these days is turf. Sometimes called “turfgrass,” turf is a denser, finer grass than typically seen on lawns. It handles heavy foot traffic and tolerates close mowing, so it is well-suited to suburban yards.

Turfgrass has many advantages over traditional lawn grass. It slows runoff, allowing water to penetrate the soil, and absorbs airborne contaminants, preventing them from draining into the groundwater. Turfgrass has a dense, fibrous root system, making it good at holding the soil in place, and these roots also prevent the growth of weeds and reduce rodent activity.

Installing turf is a complex, time-consuming process. The old grass must be completely removed, and the soil leveled before the new yard can be installed. At Daybreaker Landscapes, we recommend composting the yard before laying the turfgrass sod. Once the compost is leveled, the turfgrass sod is placed over the compost and rolled out.

Once placed, turf is durable and sturdy, but it needs careful upkeep. Turf must be aerated on an annual basis. That means plugs of turf must be pulled out so that air and water can penetrate through the turf into the roots. De-thatching removes the layer of dead leaves, stems, and clippings that builds up between the ground and the roots. De-thatching shakes this layer free so it can be removed.

We perform all this hard labor of installation and maintenance for you so that all you need to do is enjoy your beautiful lawn. If your lawn is properly cared for and maintained, it will last a long time and look good for many years.

If you think that your turfgrass has not been correctly maintained, contact Daybreaker Landscapes at (815) 596-0070. We can take a look at your yard and see if you need to have your lawn maintained or resodded. Unhealthy lawns can sometimes be rejuvenated just by aeration and de-thatching, without the need for reseeding or resodding.

Organic Lawn Care

Nothing is worse than a yard you can’t use because of chemical treatments. Daybreaker Landscapes uses nothing but organic lawn care treatments and fertilizers, including weed treatments. We use microbial pesticides, diatomaceous earth, botanical pest control treatments, and other natural pest control and fertilizers so that you and your family and pets can use your yard without worry over chemical or other hazardous substances.

Organic lawn care also means no bioengineered organisms, synthetic fertilizer, or synthetic pesticides. We take care to use nothing but all-natural pest control and natural fertilizers so that the disruption to the ecosystem is minimal. There is no harm to you or your family or the native plants and animals.

Call Us Today

Having a professional team handle your residential or commercial landscaping needs gives you peace of mind and an outstanding yard.

Contact Daybreaker Landscapes at (815) 596-0070 for a quote today. Whether you want a price for regular maintenance for your yard, or you need to find out what a full overhaul of your green space will cost, we can give you an estimate that is reasonable and work with you on the details.

You worked hard to acquire a nice yard for yourself and your family or business. Let us help you keep it looking beautiful and welcoming for everyone who will use it.