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Lake in the Hills Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Installation

outdoor cabinetsIncluding cabinets as part of your outdoor kitchen looks great aesthetically and is also ultra-functional. When you don’t want the hassle of carrying dishes and utensils outside every time you host an outdoor gathering, storing everything you need in outdoor cabinets will allow you to enjoy more time with your family or friends.

Our outdoor kitchen installation professionals are ready to help you design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. We will walk you through many different options for outdoor kitchen cabinets, and help you visualize what each would look like in your yard or patio. Our team will help make sure every detail is exactly what you want from the planning stage all the way through installation.

If you’re considering installing an outdoor kitchen, contact the Lake in the Hills outdoor kitchen specialists at  Daybreaker Landscapes at (815) 596-0070 for a free estimate for your project.

Why Choose Daybreaker Landscapes for Your Outdoor Cabinet Needs?

Our company focuses on designing and installing high-quality outdoor kitchens that not only look nice but also will last for many years to come. At Daybreaker Landscapes, we strive to perform better than our competitors by providing quality workmanship every step of the way. We strictly follow all industry-recognized installation techniques to ensure that your cabinets and everything else we install last as long as possible.

Our customers are proud to showcase their outdoor kitchens at events for their family, friends, and neighbors because our work is truly unique and beautiful. Our customers consistently mention our professionalism and quality work when they leave reviews of our services. From the moment Daybreaker Landscapes was founded in 2010, we have made it a priority to build relationships with our customers. By understanding what you care about, we are able to tailor each project to meet your needs. We look forward to meeting you.

Types of Cabinets

There are many types of outdoor cabinets to choose from. Nearly any cabinet will serve the purpose of providing storage space, but it is also important to select a cabinet style that will be durable and tie the overall kitchen design together. Cost varies greatly by cabinet type, so make sure to choose something that fits your overall budget and also fits with the quality of the rest of your outdoor kitchen. Some common types of cabinets include:

  • Stainless Steel – A wonderful option if you are looking for durable cabinets that blend in with stainless steel appliances. The downside is that they can get hot to the touch during the summer months and are more expensive.
  • Wood – Wood is a naturally beautiful option that is appealing to environmentally conscious homeowners. Wood may not be suitable in areas close to the grill due to fire risk and damage from heat. Our designers are informed of current recommendations and will help you decide if wood is a good option for you. Although wood cabinets are not as durable as steel, with proper care they will still provide your outdoor kitchen with beautiful storage space for many years.
  • Polymer or Plastic – If you’re on a tighter budget but still want a durable option, polymer or plastic cabinets may be the way to go. They are waterproof and do well in various types of weather, although they may warp over time. Some polymer or plastic cabinets could appear cheap, but our skilled designers will help you find cabinets that look great with the rest of your outdoor kitchen.
  • Masonry – Basic outdoor cabinets made of bricks or stones are very durable, and if you don’t need the structured storage space of a traditional indoor kitchen, this can be an affordable and great-looking option. If you do choose to add shelving, drawers, and cabinet doors, they will need to be made of another material, which can increase costs significantly.

Our designers and installers have extensive knowledge about outdoor kitchen cabinets, and we will work hard to understand your goals and help you choose a cabinet that fits your needs and style as well as your budget.

How Much Cabinet Space Do I Need?

outdoor kitchen storageMost people typically use outdoor kitchen cabinet space to store dishes, utensils, and some dry goods. However, in our humid summer climate, most dry goods will not last long outside, so it may be best to keep those indoors when not in use.

First of all, you’ll want to consider the purpose of your outdoor kitchen. Are you planning to use this space primarily for small family dinners, or will you regularly be hosting large events? Naturally, if you are planning to host larger gatherings you will want more space to hold additional utensils and dishes.

You should also consider what appliances you are installing in your outdoor kitchen. If it is just a simple grill, you can get by with less storage space since you’ll only need a few grilling utensils in addition to plates and serving/eating utensils. However, if you’re installing a full oven and stove along with additional smokers or grills, you may want a little more space to store the extra utensils and tools you’ll need for cooking.

Our outdoor kitchen designers can show you many different cabinet configurations and help you choose what will best meet your needs.

Contact a Lake in the Hills Outdoor Cabinet Installation Professional Today

Designing and installing an outdoor kitchen complete with cabinets is a big investment that could increase your home value as well as provide you with personal enjoyment. When undertaking a project of this size, you need to hire a company you can trust to do it right. At Daybreaker Landscapes, our top priority is providing our customers with quality workmanship that they will be able to use and appreciate for many years.

From the very beginning of the design process, our team will take the time to get to know you to make sure we exceed your expectations every step of the way. Even after the project is complete, we are always willing to support our customers by answering questions or making any needed changes or adjustments. Contact us today at (815) 596-0070 for a free quote for your project.