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Lake in the Hills Outdoor Kitchen Heaters

outdoor heatingA critical part of any outdoor kitchen is keeping it warm to enjoy during the cooler months. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect space for entertaining guests and grilling out but the use of this space should not just be limited to the summer months. Year-round enjoyment of your outdoor kitchen is essential to reaping its full value, and the Lake in the Hills outdoor kitchen experts of Daybreaker Landscapes are here to help you with all your outdoor kitchen sales and installation needs.
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What Kind of Heater Is Right for Me?

Choosing a heater will largely depend on what your needs are for your outdoor kitchen. Do you prefer a heater that takes up less space or do you prefer a heater that heats up the entire space more evenly? Would you prefer to move the heater around, or have it fixed somewhere? These types of questions will help inform your heater choice.

  • Tabletop Heaters: Most tabletop heaters are simply smaller versions of the large heaters used at bars and restaurants. They are typically placed in the middle of a dining table and generally use propane. Gas heaters are more portable than electric heaters as they do not have to be charged or plugged in. For an eco-friendlier approach, consider a bioethanol tabletop patio heater, which takes fuel from renewable sources.
  • Freestanding Heaters: While larger and more expensive than their tabletop counterparts, freestanding heaters can be more effective and heat a larger portion of an outdoor kitchen. Freestanding patio heaters are only appropriate for outdoor kitchens that do not have roofs or walls. These heaters can either be permanent or portable and vary in size and strength and may be electric or gas. They may also be permanently mounted somewhere in your outdoor kitchen, or portable. An outdoor kitchen expert will be able to help you make sense of all of these options based on your specific space and needs.
  • Wall-Mounted Options: If you do not have as much space to work with, wall-mounted heaters can be a strong option for your outdoor kitchen. Wall-mounted heaters can be electric, propane, or natural gas. Wall-mounted heaters utilize either convection or radiant heating. While wall-mounted heaters could either be mounted on the side of your house or on the walls of a patio-covering structure such as a pergola, convection heaters should be mounted closer to the ground as the heat will rise, while radiant heaters should be faced towards the area that you intend to heat.
  • Other Heater Options: Even within the three main types of heaters, there are variations. For example, freestanding heaters include generic commercial freestanding heaters, but also pyramid-style patio heaters. Heaters come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel and other metals. Most types of heaters come as either electric or gas heaters, but you will need to consult with your outdoor kitchen design expert when deciding on a heater, as some types of heaters will require consideration in the design process.

Outdoor Kitchen Heater Strength and Safety

outdoor heatingDue to the heat that they put out, as well as potentially being mounted to your house or another flammable structure such as a pergola, safety is a top priority in the design and installation of outdoor kitchen heaters. Heat emitted by a patio heater is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The higher the BTU rating, the hotter it will be, and the more space the heater can heat. Typically, you will want an outdoor heater that offers about 5,000 BTUs per 100 square feet.

For an outdoor kitchen heater for use at a residence, naked flames present a safety risk. Any heater that you choose for an outdoor kitchen should be safely contained inside tempered glass or something else blocking objects or people from touching the flame. Anti-tilt devices in freestanding heaters or tabletop heaters are also important, as they will prevent the heater from being tipped over and starting a fire. Heaters of any type should have plenty of ventilation around them, so carbon monoxide does not build up.

Finally, timers are a useful feature of any outdoor kitchen heater and can be a safety device as well to prevent the overheating of surfaces or the space. Heaters left alight and unattended can cause this danger, and you should be having a great time with friends and family rather than worrying about the heater. Having a timer on your heater ensures that it turns off even if you forget to tend to it yourself.

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Choosing a heater for your outdoor kitchen is a major part of designing your dream outdoor kitchen, especially if you want to use your outdoor kitchen year-round. For chilly nights in the spring and fall, heaters are essential. Whether they are electric, gas, freestanding, or wall-mounted, the outdoor kitchen experts of Daybreaker Landscapes are here to help you choose the heater that will fit your wants and needs for your outdoor kitchen.

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