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Lamps for Outdoor Kitchens in Lake in the Hills

outdoor kitchen lightingIf you’re thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen, or you want to elevate the look of your current one, contact the Lake in the Hills outdoor kitchen experts of Daybreaker Landscapes today.

Adding lamps and other lighting features to your exterior living space can provide the perfect ambiance for you and your guests to enjoy. Outdoor lighting doesn’t only create a warm and comfortable environment but also keeps everyone safe. Whether you want to light the walkway to the kitchen or place lamps in the bar area, you can count on us to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our team of professionals has helped clients take their outdoor kitchens to the next level since 2010. We dedicate our time and attention to planning a beautiful and functional lighting concept that complements your property. We can create a custom design for a unique and beautiful space you can use for years to come.

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Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen Lights

There are many advantages to adding lighting to your outdoor kitchen. Whether you add small lamps for functionality so your guests can have light to eat by or string lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, the lighting you choose can provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Illuminating prep areas and working spaces for cooking safely
  • Lighting walkways and other locations with limited visibility
  • Creating the perfect mood for entertaining guests
  • Highlighting a fire pit, pergola, or another structure in your outdoor living space
  • Brightening the kitchen and dining room at night
  • Adding curb appeal to increase the value of your home

Choosing a suitable lamp or light fixture for your outdoor kitchen requires proper planning. Picking something that doesn’t match your décor or complement the rest of your property could make it look out of place. You should consult Daybreaker Landscapes to discuss your needs, so we can assist you in turning your vision into a reality.

Types of Lighting for an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen lightYou might already have an idea of how you want to light your outdoor kitchen. Maybe you searched online or went to the store and bought lamps or fixtures you know will create the perfect oasis for spending time with friends and family.

If you’re unsure what will work for your outdoor kitchen, you should consider the options below. You can choose from a range of different lights, colors, styles, textures, and sizes. Daybreaker Landscapes can help you choose which ones will work best for your space.


Lamps come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. You can use small lamps for different types of tables, such as cocktail, dining, and high tops. Your guests can snack on hors d’oeuvres and sip on their favorite drinks in a well-lit space. Small lamps can also add to the ambiance. You can choose bright bulbs for a holiday celebration or soft bulbs for a more intimate dinner party.

Another option is a freestanding lamp. Freestanding lamps, also referred to as floor lamps, can light up your outdoor space. You can place the lamps around the exterior borders of your kitchen, dining area, and bar. You can also use freestanding lamps to light up the path from your home to the outdoor living area.

String Lights

string lightsDaybreaker Landscapes offers various design ideas using string lights. String lights are inexpensive lighting options that provide a romantic and relaxing feel. You can use them on your pergola or gazebo. String them up above an outdoor fireplace or another structure near your kitchen. You can also place them on the underside of the countertop to illuminate the kitchen island or bar area.

Make sure you have access to an electrical outlet before you begin the design and preparation stages. If you can’t plug in your string lights, you won’t be able to use them. You should also determine the direction of the lights and where you want to hang them ahead of time. Without adequate planning, your string lights could clash with other lights in the area and look out of place.

Post Lights

Post lights are an option for lighting walkways and other areas outside. They are freestanding lamps and offer better visibility for you and your guests. You can place some along a path or create a makeshift walkway to guide everyone to a fire pit or seating area on the lawn.

Wall Lights

Your outdoor kitchen needs wall lights if you love to feed your guests. Wall lights are exactly what they sound like – lights affixed to walls. You can install them on an exterior wall of your outdoor kitchen for a well-lit area to work in. Place wall lights above the fireplace so guests seated nearby can see better at night.

Path Lights

path lightsLights for a pathway can create a beautiful glow for your guests as they walk to your outdoor kitchen. They also keep people safe. Walking around a backyard in the dark could lead to injuries. Someone could step on the edge of the path and roll their ankle or slip on loose pebbles and fall.

You have many options to choose from when planning for pathway lighting. If you’re entertaining guests at night, you might want to opt for something bright enough to illuminate the path. Even if the sun is glaring down on everyone, path lights can draw attention to plants or flowers along the walkway.

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights, also called pendant lights, can provide the lighting you need from above. You can use hanging lights in any area of your outdoor kitchen or living space. Pendant lights are an excellent choice for when you’re spending your time preparing meals for your guests. You can safely see what you’re doing while cooking.

Hanging lights are available in many styles, sizes, shapes, and colors to match your décor. Hanging bright pendant lights can illuminate the entire backyard space. Or you can select a few hanging lights with a soft glow to hang over the dining room table for mood lighting.

Pendant lights also serve a functional purpose. You can place them above cooktops, grills, and cooking areas so you can prepare food safely and avoid injuries.

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If you’re starting from scratch designing a brand new outdoor kitchen or want to add lamps and lighting to the kitchen you already have, contact Daybreaker Landscapes right now. Our professionals will remain by your side during every step of the process, from the design to installation. You can count on us to bring your ideas to life for a functional, beautiful, and well-lit outdoor space.

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