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Lake in the Hills Outdoor Wet Bar Design and Installation

outdoor kitchen flooring tileAdding a wet bar to your outdoor kitchen or backyard patio space should be practical and fun. The team at Daybreaker Landscapes specializes in converting your outdoor space into an extension of your home.

An outdoor wet bar is more than just a convenience for you and your guests. It also creates a new social hub and effectively turns your backyard into a comfortable area where you can socialize with friends. Our outdoor wet bar insulation professionals can help you design the space of your dreams.

We offer you different options and help you visualize what they would look like in your space. Our team makes sure that every detail is exactly what you want, from planning all the way through installation.

The Lake in the Hills outdoor kitchen installation team from Daybreaker Landscapes will dedicate our time and attention to planning and installing a beautiful and functional wet bar that complements your property and your lifestyle. Call us today at (815) 596-0070 or contact us online to talk about your family’s outdoor wet bar needs.

Consider the Space

As you consider your backyard space and the installation of a wet bar, it’s also important to think about the location and the amount of space where you want to add the bar. For example, Daybreaker Landscapes can help you design a wet bar that compliments a small space like a patio or can help you convert part of your outdoor kitchen into a wet bar.

You must also consider whether you have a ceiling or an overhang where you want the bar installed. This gives the opportunity to add additional lighting that can make the bar a focal point. Without a ceiling or overhang, we can help design lighting options that make your current layout work with your dream for an outdoor living space where you and your guests can make relaxing drinks and enjoy them.

Design Elements in Your Outdoor Wet Bar

ourdoor kitchen flooring stoneWhen you’re looking for the full outdoor wet bar experience, there are several design elements that must be included. These options must be balanced to meet your specific needs and complement the overall aesthetic design.

As with any hardscape feature that you add to your outdoor space, you can customize the design elements to meet your needs. A wet bar is a multi-functional kitchen area where you and your guests can prepare and enjoy your beverages.

This means the key element is a sink. You want to be able to clean and rinse glasses easily, rather than traipsing back into the house. When it comes to sinks, stainless steel is easy to clean and has a classic look. In an outdoor wet bar space, a single basin is usually enough to wash your glasses. If you may need a basin to double as ice storage for chilling drinks, you may want to consider a double basin sink.

You may also want to add a prep area where you can mix cocktails or set up hors d’oeuvres.

When you have the space, your wet bar can also have an area where you can store your beverages and glassware.

You can also consider a drink chiller and ice storage. A mini-refrigerator or wine cellar may meet your needs. However, if you routinely throw large parties with many guests, you will likely want a larger refrigerator. This may mean adding to or upgrading your current outdoor kitchen. We can help with that.

Another design element consideration is the weather. Heat, cold, and humidity can affect every part of your outdoor wet bar experience.

Daybreaker Landscapes has been installing outdoor kitchens and wet bars since 2010, and we have experience choosing the right materials for the unique weather we experience in Northern Illinois. This includes offering advice about the accessories you install and the glassware you use that can help minimize accidents and headaches.

Why Choose Daybreaker Landscapes for Your Outdoor Wet Bar?

Our design team and professional installers focus on providing you with a high-quality outdoor wet bar that looks nice and lasts for years to come. We strictly adhere to industry-standard installation to ensure that your outdoor wet bar lasts as long as possible.

You can choose from several design options for your wet bar in your backyard space. For example, you might consider a classic resort-style installation, luxury stone countertops, or a classic tropical feel with minimal flooring and wood materials.

Whether your dream is for a relaxed backyard BBQ, classic outdoor space, or sophisticated freestanding counter-built wet bar under your tree line, Daybreaker Landscapes can design and install the unique experience you’re looking for.

At the completion of the project, our customers are proud to showcase their backyard space to their friends, family, and neighbors. The work we do for our clients is truly unique and beautiful. We are proud of the reviews our clients leave about our services, many of which mention our professionalism while we’re on the job and the quality of our work.

We recognize the value in developing and building relationships with our customers. We work hard to understand what you care about so that we can tailor your project to meet your needs.

Call Daybreaker Landscapes Today to Discuss Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs

Your outdoor wet bar backyard space should be built to entertain your guests but also to afford you an outdoor living space you can enjoy whenever you choose. We believe that your outdoor space should enhance the entertainment value of your home and the private enjoyment you receive when you’re on your own.

There are many factors to consider as you choose the right space, configuration, and design for your outdoor wet bar. The outdoor kitchen design and installation experts at Daybreaker Landscapes have worked with many clients to provide their perfect outdoor wet bar that either stands alone or is integrated into their current outdoor kitchen area.

You can leave the design and installation to the specialists. Call Daybreaker Landscapes today at (815) 596-0070 or contact us online. You can count on us to bring your ideas to life.