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Lake in the Hills Outdoor Light Installation Service

Are you a busy Chicagoland native who is looking to incorporate lighting into your landscape? Whether you’re considering installing permanent outdoor lighting or seasonal holiday decor, well-planned additions can add visual interest, functionality, and warmth to your outdoor spaces.

Though some people prefer to be more involved in the design and installation process, we understand that many Chicago residents simply don’t have the time. Have you considered hiring a service to take over the burden of installing lights for you? Everyone has distinct styles and preferences, and the team at Daybreaker Landscapes will work with you to bring your ideas to life. When you want a beautiful lighting display without the hassle, turn to the professionals at Daybreaker Landscapes.

Daybreaker Landscapes installs outdoor lights for homeowners and businesses throughout Chicagoland. Founded in 2010 by United States Air Force veteran Jeff Rausch, Daybreaker Landscapes is a U.S. veteran-owned business and a member of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association. Based in Union, we service Woodstock, Barrington, Elgin, Lake in the Hills, Algonquin, Crystal Lake, and many other locations.

Contact us to discuss your holiday lighting project and let us give you a free estimate. Call us at (815) 596-0070 or contact us online to discuss your lighting project with one of our Lake in the Hills outdoor lighting professionals.

Landscape Lighting in Lake in the Hills

Our lighting specialists will show you the various products available to you and how they can achieve different visual effects. We understand that everyone has different taste and design preferences. Commercial lighting is likely to differ widely from a homeowner’s lighting interests.

Our lighting professionals can accommodate a spectrum of needs. Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential lighting, the landscaping team at Daybreaker Landscapes can help you select the right lighting to achieve the effect you want. We’ll help you decide on a lighting style and make decisions with the size and layout of your landscape in mind. Some popular lighting options include:

  • Accent Lighting — Strategically planned lighting doesn’t have to be expensive to make a statement or highlight areas of your lawn that need added emphasis.
  • Path Lighting — Keeping pathways visible is an easy way to keep your guests safe while adding visual interest to your property. In-ground lamps ensure that choosing safety doesn’t mean compromising on style.
  • Deck and patio Lighting — No matter how you plan to use your deck, lighting will allow you to enjoy it at any time.
  • Water Lighting Features — Various lighting options can enhance the look and feel of water features like pools, fountains, spillways, and ponds.
  • Hardscape Lighting — Bracket lights or step lights can complement hardscaped elements of your landscape to bring some added dimension and character.

At the outset, you may be interested in adding lighting primarily for cosmetic purposes. While this is perfectly acceptable, the truth is that improving the appearance of your lawn is only one advantage of investing in landscape lighting. Whether you need lighting for residential or commercial property, strategically-planned lighting will enhance your spaces in the following ways:

Design — Though lighting has an explicit purpose, it can also work to serve your landscape’s overall aesthetic and design. The style of your lighting can work to compliment or contrast the organic or man-made elements in your lawn. There are countless lighting styles and different bulbs strengths that can improve visibility in certain areas, add warmth to others, and enhance the overall curb appeal of your home or business.

Functionality — Accounting for the right type of lighting will allow you to safely enjoy your outdoor spaces no matter the time of day. If you’ve gone to the trouble to plan, design, and maintain your outdoor area, lights will ensure that you can both show off your lawn and make the best use of it.

Safe Access — Providing illumination along pathways and staircases will protect you and your guests from tripping on unlit obstacles. With an abundance of lighting options, creating a secure space does not mean that you have to compromise on aesthetics.

Protection — A simple lighting choice can be an effective investment in home protection. Especially in residential areas, installing self-timed or motion-detecting lights give your home an added layer of protection and comfort. Even if you are on vacation or away for the night, you can simulate the appearance that your home is occupied.

Popular Holiday Lighting Options

There’s a reason why so many residential and commercial property owners have turned to our Lake in the Hills lighting experts for help designing and installing a warm, inviting holiday display. We save you time, create a professional-looking display, and get the job done safely. With our help, no longer will you have to worry about balancing on that rickety ladder that just won’t reach the highest points of your roof.

While there are plenty of options, LED and incandescent string lights are the most commonly installed holiday lights. Incandescent lights typically cost less, while LED lights use less energy and last longer.

Other popular holiday lights include:

  • Animated and Color-Changing Lights — Some lights come in the shapes of festive holiday decorations, such as Santa Claus, a reindeer, or a Christmas tree. These lights may be animated or have color-changing patterns.
  • Battery-Operated Lights — Lights operated by batteries are convenient because they do not require any cords, outlets, or direct wiring. These are commonly used in places where wires would be difficult or unsafe, like on holiday wreaths.
  • Icicle Lights — Icicle lights are typically available in blue, yellow, or white. These lights dangle and create the appearance of glimmering icicles.
  • Mini String Lights — Mini string lights come in a variety of colors and are very popular because they also involve lower electricity costs. Mini string lights can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Net Lights and Trunk Wraps — These uniformly spaced, mesh lights easily cover shrubs, tree trunks, and bushes. Incandescent and LED net lights both have connectors that allow them to be plugged into one another.
  • Pathway Markers — Also known as pathway lights, these are bulbs commonly used to line walkways.
  • Projection Spotlights — An LED projection spotlight is simply plugged in and pointed at an object, such as a Christmas tree or house, to project colors or patterns.
  • Rope Lights — These lights are contained within a long, cylindrical tube (usually plastic or epoxy) and are spaced every few inches apart. The lighting output is minimal, but they are highly versatile and can have lengths of as much as 250 feet.
  • Snowfall Tubes and Snowdrop Lights — Also known as cascade lights, these are tubes and bulbs that create the appearance of falling snow.
  • Wide-Angle LED Mini Lights — Wide-angle LED mini lights contain smaller bulbs, but their conical shape produces more light in multiple directions than other varieties.

Did you know that we can safely store holiday lights as well? Understandably, home and business owners want to save their lighting investment for future use, but fighting the tangled cords each year it can be frustrating.

Daybreaker Landscapes will carefully remove your holiday lights and can even store them for you in a climate-controlled environment for easy access next holiday season.

Holiday Light Installation

If you have grand visions of a spectacular holiday light display for your home or business but you know you cannot handle it on your own, let the professionals at Daybreaker Landscapes help. Our team has the experience and skill to make holiday lighting installations look easy. Our goal is to create a festive and safe holiday display so that you never have to drag your ladder out of storage and scale to dangerous heights to adorn your home or business.

We will discuss with you the type of display you are looking for and then detail all your different lighting options. Once you’ve decided on the lights you want and how you want them hung, we will construct a display that exceeds your expectations. If you’re having trouble deciding, we can help narrow down your choices.

During the holidays, numerous individuals and companies offer holiday light services, and consumers should be extremely cautious about choosing a contractor. Be wary if full payment is expected up front, as it is usually common for a person to have a balance remaining when the lights are taken down.

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Whether you are interested in installing landscape lighting or holiday lights on your home or business in the Chicagoland area, Daybreaker Landscapes can help. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, communication, and reliability. Daybreaker Landscapes serves Lake in the Hills, Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Barrington, Elgin, and several other surrounding communities. You can receive a free estimate and let our team get to work planning and installing lights when you call (815) 596-0070 or reach out to us online today.