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St. Charles Landscaping Services

Daybreaker Landscapes provides a full range of landscaping services for residential and commercial needs in the St. Charles area. Our professionally-trained, expert service team is here to help take the burden of design, implementation, and maintenance off of your hands. We love what we do, and we take pride in the work we deliver for every client that hires us.

There’s a reason why so many clients in St. Charles and the surrounding areas hire us, and you’ll quickly see why so many of our clients become customers for life. Our estimates are always prompt and free of charge, so contact us at (815) 596-0070 or online to discuss your project with us today. We provide a wide variety of landscaping services to property owners and managers throughout the region, so read more about our services below.

Landscaping Services We Offer

Our team has extensive experience with residential and commercial landscape projects and ongoing services. Our high-quality services include:


Standing water on your property may be more than just an annoyance. If you have puddles of water collecting because of drainage issues, the plant life in your yard may become diseased or die. Your home may even be at risk. At Daybreaker Landscapes, we have the experience and expertise to help you with a variety of drainage issues, including the following:

  • Improper grading or low points in your yard: Perhaps the most serious issue that can result from poor drainage on your property is damage to your home or other building caused by improper grading or slope to your yard. The soil line in relation to buildings should be low enough to leave at least two inches below the top of the slab. If drainage is moving water toward buildings, underground drainage systems may be needed to correct the direction of the water flow.
  • Faulty sprinkler systems and wasted water: Over-watering with a faulty system or inefficient draining in certain parts of a lawn can result in wasting water, which can result in increased water bills and failure to conserve water to protect the environment.
  • Plant drowning and root rot: When soil is too saturated it may not be capable of absorbing enough water. This can result in the soil around plants being so wet that plants drown or become diseased from the over-saturation.
  • More rainfall than expected: This can put a strain on your property even when it normally drains well.

We are in the business of planning custom solutions for our clients. These can include landscaping alterations, installing a drainage system, or regrading your property.

Snow Removal

When dealing with snow removal, it is important to be flexible because snow is not predictable. Our team at Daybreaker Landscapes can clear driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and other surfaces after any type of storm. Whether it is a large snowfall or more routine maintenance, we are committed to working efficiently to provide the snow removal services you need. We are prepared to provide snow removal services in residential and commercial areas.

Winter weather is no joking matter in the St. Charles area. Snow, ice, and slush can create hazardous and inconvenient conditions during winter months. To stay safe, do not take snow removal into your own hands if you do not have to. Businesses and individuals can benefit from our snow removal services because they can avoid the physical challenges of removing snow and can keep their property safe so that no one else is injured from slipping and falling.

We adjust our de-icing and snow removal procedures for each event because each one is different. We pre-treat surface wherever possible to prevent ice from forming, and we strive to use de-icing products in the right amount as needed. We can be counted on to serve you and take care of your snow removal needs in a timely manner.


Hardscaping involves installing masonry features that may stand alone or become the foundation on which other elements may be installed. At Daybreaker Landscapes, we have installed a broad variety of hardscape features, in many unique ways for our clients. Hardscaped features can include:

  • Brick or stone pathways and walkways
  • Patios
  • Garden fountains
  • Boundary walls
  • Fences
  • Flower planters
  • Garden steps
  • Fire pits
  • Arbors
  • Built-in furniture
  • Gazebos
  • Many more

Stylish hardscaped fixtures such as a whimsical pathway, a unique terrace or a cozy firepit area may make all the difference in the way you use your outdoor space. These features will make your property visually appealing and will enhance your enjoyment of your property. Hardscaping is a modern way to make your property attractive and more valuable, as unique features of hardscaping may make your property stand out to potential buyers.

We take pride in developing custom plans and solutions for our customers. Our team is skilled at understanding your desires and making them a reality with quality materials in a hardscaped space. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your hardscaping once it is complete.

Outdoor Kitchens

It may be one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors–an outdoor kitchen. If you would make use of an outdoor kitchen, Daybreaker Landscapes is prepared to help you make that a reality. We want to work with you to provide plans for an outdoor kitchen that suits your lifestyle and your preferences. We take into consideration the surroundings, the best way to configure the kitchen, and how to supply power to the appliances. We will work with you to take account of your desires and offer our expert guidance along the way.

Designing and installing an outdoor kitchen is a complex task. We take pride in assisting you along the way so that you choose the materials and appliances that are best for you. Because of the range of weather experienced in St. Charles, materials must be able to withstand very cold and warm temperatures. Daybreaker Landscapes has the expertise and experience to help you construct an outdoor kitchen that is durable and stylish.

An outdoor kitchen can enhance your home and increase its market appeal. The space an outdoor kitchen provides for entertaining is nearly unmatched in function, convenience, and fun. Our team is waiting to work with you to create the outdoor kitchen you have been wanting.


Landscaping your property is one of the first services you might think of when you think about a company like Daybreaker Landscapes. We take pride in offering a wide range of services including:

Landscape design – It may seem enticing to select a bunch of nice looking plants and put them on your property where they appear to spruce up the property. Making a property more attractive is certainly a priority of many people when it comes to landscape design. However, a number of other factors must be considered for optimal landscape design. The St. Charles area is better for the growth of certain flowers, shrubs, and grass. Some plants respond better to sunlight and some respond better to shade. Topography can matter as well. Before making an ill-informed choice that could lead to drainage problems or plants that refuse to grow, get in touch with Daybreaker Landscapes.

We have expertise in designing, planning, and completing landscaping for all needs. We take into consideration the specific details of your property. We have been in the business for nearly a decade, and this helps us spot problems and address them, sometimes before they even arise. We are able to guide you with suggestions of plants that will grow well in the St. Charles area and that will suit your preferences.

Landscape maintenance – Landscaping, by its nature, requires at least some maintenance. Because of the seasonal changes in the St. Charles area, plants are often either growing quickly or are withering in the cold. However, your unique landscape needs will always dictate how much maintenance is required.
Among others, we provide the following maintenance services:

  • Regular fertilizer application
  • Installation of sod and seed
  • Mulching
  • Lawn mowing
  • Weed prevention and removal
  • Pruning
  • General clean-up

Lawn renewal – The dedicated maintenance team at Daybreaker Landscapes is ready to assist you with all landscape maintenance needs on the schedule that suits you and your lawn.

Holiday Lights

During the holiday season, holiday lights bring a certain joy to the holidays that is hard to replicate any other way. At Daybreaker Landscapes, we know that many of our clients love the look and feel of holiday lights but lack the time and resources to make their property look as special as they would like. We offer a solution for people who are inspired to have holiday lights but are unable to do the project themselves. Our dedicated team of holiday lighting decorators can make your home a holiday haven without you having to lift a finger.

Our focus on customer satisfaction means that we carefully plan the way the client would like their home to look. This includes not only the lights that will be used, but how they will be powered and the schedule for setting everything up. A team will next install the decorations. Finally, following the holiday season, we will efficiently remove the decorations.

Outdoor lighting is an attractive way to get people excited about the holidays. In the St. Charles area, numerous people have found the joy of having a decorated home for the holidays without having to do the labor associated with the task. We will outfit your home with fabulous decorations to boost your holiday spirit. We think you will be more than satisfied!

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With nearly a decade in the business, Daybreaker Landscapes is prepared to handle your requirements in landscaping, snow removal, and holiday lighting. We are meticulous and will treat your property as if it were our own. Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or at (815) 596-0070 to start working with us today.